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29y Mother of 1- Anchor Breast Lift with Silicone Unders - Newport Beach, CA

Pre pregnancy I was a 34 C- post I was a 34 verrrry deflated D. Month prior to surg I lost more weight and adopted pancakes for boobies lol. I am now 34 D post op. I am about 6 weeks post op and not sure if I like my results but they are much better than where I started. However, I paid a lot of hard earned money to make this change and now wonder if I chose the wrong surgeon :/. My areolas... READ MORE

Questions from winningwithgoobear

Is It Possible to Correct Asymmetrical Smile Lines?

I have noticed within the last couple of years that my smile lines or rather, possibly maxillae, are asymmetrical. Looking back at pictures I realize that this has always been... READ MORE

28 yr old mother of 1 (8yr post preg) debating anchor mastopexy without implant vs implant and lollipop if possible? (photo)

Would like recommendation on best procedure for my body type that would yield mist aesthetic result. I have significant stretch marks as well, can this be im proved on with... READ MORE

Anchor mastopexy with silicone implants, underwire preferred first 2-3 months post op?

I have scheduled my surgical date and my surgeon recommends this. However, I am a little concerned, because many surgeons state you should AVOID underwire the first few months.... READ MORE

Enlarged painful auxiliary lymph node 13 days post BA, silicone unders with anchor mastopexy. Is this normal?

I also have a rash that started as two small bumps and spread to 15-20 inflamed burning pustules. My surgeon prescribed minocycline and I have taken 2/21 doses. His PA said it... READ MORE

Mastopexy scarring. Will my results improve? (Photo)

I had a BL/BA with 425/450 mentor smooth silicone gel and anchor approach 4 weeks ago. My external sutures were removed at week 2. I now have steri strips in place. My concern... READ MORE

Are my areolas too high/asymmetrical? Will this worsen? Also, will the scars become darker in the next few months? (Photo)

S/p bilateral BL/BA 5 weeks ago with silicone unders 425 L, 450 R. Implants were placed in exact position at surgery per my surgeon and an underwire bra is recommended 24/7 for... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to soften the upper pole contour/slope after breast lift/aug? (Photo)

Thrilled with p/s results but bummed about the exaggerated slope. I had a lot of tissue loss and stretched skin due to pregnancy. Maybe this is the cause? Perhaps there is a... READ MORE

Can you lower NAC post breast lift/Aug? (Photo)

Had bil Weiss lift/silicone under aug 425 left 450 right. My vertical scar is a little over 4 in... Which is upsetting. Initially I felt it was too high but after settling..... READ MORE

How can I fix sagging after mastopexy augmentation? (photos)

425 & 450 bil anchor mastopexy/aug.. My surgeon placed these low initially because he said that is how does it. He puts the implants in their exact position. Problem is these... READ MORE

I want to shorten my vertical scar/NAC.. Expense? Details? Pictures? (photos)

BA/Weiss 8 months ago. Sub muscular silicone 450 right, 425 left. After surgery my NAC was about 9 cm which is still about the same but since my implants softened it looks a... READ MORE

Laser treatment for mastopexy scars? Pros & cons? Cost? Expectation? Tattoo micropigmentation.. Have you seen good results?

I have asked my surgeon who recommended avoiding lasers because I have stretch marks and he says it will gutter damage damaged skin. That said, I trust him but know that his... READ MORE

Follow-up: Scar modification-What can be done? What would the cost range be? (photo)

Also slight puckering of the right areola when erect... Can this be corrected? READ MORE

Under eye hollows. What causes this? (photos)

What causes this? Deformity? Always had it.. Worsening as I age. Cheeks stay full.. Eyes become more hollow. How can this be corrected? Any options other than fillers? READ MORE

Asymmetrical areolas. What is the best approach to fix this? (photos)

I had bilateral silicone implants placed submuscular with anchor mastopexy 2 years ago. My right arreola is higher and more lateral than the left. I have also noticed more... READ MORE

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I posted this bc prior I could hardly find pics over a year out. I can tell you all that they feel much more natural. I can feel the implant anymore. The scars are almost faded completely. The firmness has gone and they are soft. I wish... READ COMMENT

After a lot of research I am finding that lots of massage is THE BEST remedy for scars! It doesn't really matter what cream or serum just massage the heck out of your scars! READ COMMENT

I think sometimes we look at ourselves too critically. You are ... Very honestly.. A beautiful woman!! You are in no way RUINED! try to look at the things you love about your new look. No one is perfect and our imperfections make us... READ COMMENT