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Pressure from Facia Graft to Lips Causing Teeth Issues

I had a fascia graft in my upper and lower lips 11 yrs ago. I am 51 now. The tightness of the graft is puting constant pressure on my teeth when I smile and is pushing them... READ MORE

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As a professional cosmetic tattoo artist I always do an extensive consultation with my clients. Yours should have told you that fading will be expected. All color fades.The sun is the biggest factor but also the condition of ones skin... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds as if your technician was not properly trained and did a procedure beyond her scope of practice.Not only did she scar your skin, Pigment should never be used to lighten dark areas... READ COMMENT

I hope I am not too late in replying. I would make an apt to talk to her with your concerns before letting her work on you again. If your eyebrows are already undesirable, she can make it worse IF she is unskilled. One thing I cannot... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to hear about your regrets and what you have been left with in getting permanent eyeliner. The industry is alot more educated,in some ways, than 20 yrs ago. If a tech is heavy handed on eyeliner and uses a carbon back in... READ COMMENT

I am sorry to hear about your experiences. Really, Permanent makeup does not have to be painful. I am a Cosmetic Tattoo artist. Most of my lip clients fall asleep. Cant say that for eyeliner but certainly not pain, discomfort yes I mean... READ COMMENT