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33 Year Old Mom Needing Botox for Crows Feet and Fine Lines - Ocean Springs, MS

I went in this afternoon to my dermatologist for my first session of injections. I got a total of 20 units. It was split between "sides of eyes" crows feet and "middle of eyebrows" glabella. It was virtually painless and was over quick! I'll include a pic I took today just before and will update in about 7 days from when my dermatologist said it would take effect. Stay tuned! READ MORE

33 Year Old Woman with 7mm Overbite

Hello all, my name is Melodie and I have my surgery date scheduled....finally! I'm a 33 year old Mother of one. I've been waiting for this surgery since I was 21 years old but haven't had the money or insurance to do so. I'm excited for this journey and even with reading the scary stories with the good I'm going to take a chance! I'm ready to change my bite for the better. I've been so self... READ MORE

I Love It, It's Wonderful

I have been wearing my invisalign now for 1 year. I cannot believe how straight my teeth are already. I am smiling so much more now and have to point outthat my teeth are so straight and lovely. It was worth every penny and my 2nd set of aligners called refinement......... that I will have to wear for another year. READ MORE

Questions from MrsMelodie

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Aligners?

I went to my dentist several weeks ago and got my imprints and pics of my teeth for my Invisalign. I was wondering how long it will take for my dentist to get my aligners? I am... READ MORE

After Invisalign Treatment, What Type of Retainer Will I Get?

I was wondering when your done with the Invisalign treatment , I know you get a retainer and usually it is a clear retainer that looks exactly like invisalign. I heard that the... READ MORE

Do Plastic Surgeons perform Septoplasty?

I went In for a consultation for Rhinoplasty and was told I have a slight deviated septum and that Plastic Surgeons do not perform this surgery. Is this correct or can I find a... READ MORE

I came down with a sore throat and mild fever. Will they cancel due to my sore throat or just fever?

The surgery scheduled Friday December 9th @ 7am is for Lower Jaw Surgery. I woke up with a swollen Uvula I think from snoring last night and don't feel horrible. I'm just... READ MORE

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It is. I'm gaining feeling back and no more phantom pains. I feel great and I'm healing and feeling better daily. READ COMMENT

I just got lower jaw surgery and yes....totally worth it. :) I'll be posting a new update tonight. READ COMMENT

Thank you so much!!! I'm just keeping on top of my jaw exercises. READ COMMENT

Yeah, I figured it would be a slow process. I was able to get 2 fingers in my mouth today. Or, I should say 2 finger widths. READ COMMENT

Oh gosh, banded for 8 weeks. I don't know what I'd do. I still take ibuprofen daily for my soreness and man.....stretching hurts. READ COMMENT