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What is the Minimum Number of Face and Brow Lifts a Doctor Should Have Performed?

I am ready to have a facelift and brow lift but MUST have absolute confidence in the surgeon. I've done my homework by reading books, etc. But what is the MINIMUM number of... READ MORE

Is the Fractora Laser As Safe As the Other Lasers and Can a Nurse Trainess Do Eight Sessions Safely?

I have been unable to find very little information about the Fractora laser, approved by the FDA a year ago. I am scheduled for eight treatments at a well- respected... READ MORE

Real Self Doctors Often Say: Find a Board Certified Surgeon. What Board Are You Refering To?

There are many Boards and doctors practicing plastic and cosmetic surgery are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the Otolarygology Board. When doctors... READ MORE

Will Finesteride Benefit a 66-year-old Type 7 Energetic Man or Will It Cause Impotence?

At age 66 and a Type-6 balding pattern, I was told by two dermatologists that they could implant 2500 hairs and a third stated he could implant 3,000. The first two descibed my... READ MORE

What Is the Best Brow Lift Alternative?

I am a male, 66, who is almost totally bald. My eyelids are lower -- ptosis, I believe. So far two docs say I need a direct brow lift, one a coronal, one an upper... READ MORE

Can the California Lite Lift Achieve the Same Results As the Traditional Face Lift?

Two California very experienced and ABPS, FACS, surgeons offer the Lite Lift and profess that its results are just as good as the traditional face lift taught in plastic... READ MORE

What is safest and best for filling cheek volume in male, age 68?

What is best for filling cheek volume in male, age 68? Sculptra, radiesse, restylene. What are costs? Who is most skilled, a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, oculoplast, etc.... READ MORE

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You can go to (California Medical Boards) to find complaints, this is not foolproof. Did you have the work done by Dr. M? If so, how did it go? I am considering him, too. READ COMMENT