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Wonderful Surgeon in Shreveport, LA

She did my Tummy tuck, lipo, and breast aug. I did it for me after having children your body is never the same. READ MORE

Questions from sunnyd5

Is It Possible for DD Bra with 390cc's?

I have 360-390 implants. Was a 34 full B prior and received 375cc's on left and 390cc's on right and measure now 30inch rib cage and 39 across fullest part of bust.... READ MORE

Is There Much Difference Between Allergen and Mentor Implants of Roughly the Same Ccs?

Is there much difference between 360-390 natrelle allergen implants and 350-400 mentor implants...I mean enough that I would notice afterwards? READ MORE

Differences in Breast Implant Diameters

Would there be a lot of difference in an implant that is 13.3 and one that's 12.7 or would it be pretty undectable once inserted? READ MORE

Got 360-390cc's and Wondering if I Should Have Gotten 350-400cc?

I currently have allergan 360-390 implants the diameter is 12.7 & proj. is 4.2. Would I have seen much difference w/Mentor 350-400cc. in cleavage or upper pole- it's 13... READ MORE

Low-grade Fever 6 Weeks After Breast Implants

I have had a low grade fever of 99.1 for I think 2 weeks and it's been 6 weeks this friday since my BA. Do I need to worry? I only noticed it cause I went to a doctor for a... READ MORE

Does Projection Make a Difference in Your Profile for Breast Implants?

Will a projection of 4.2 make more of a difference than 3.9 in your profile? Just making sure I am understanding. thanks. READ MORE

Which Implants Are Bests for Cleavage and Projection?

Given that both implants are correct for my dimensions - which would provide both good cleavage and projection? 360-390 (D-12.7,P-4.2) is Allergan, 350-400 is Mentor (D-13... READ MORE

Difference in Projection and Diameter when Mentor Implant Filled

I have read that mentor 350-400cc implants have a diameter of 13.3 and proj. of 3.9 at minimum fill level. I noticed that the others low & high profile show different D... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Switch Brands of Implants While Using the Warranty on the Deflated Pair?

If a patient has a deflation and has one type of implant (which she has a warranty on) and wants to switch to the other brand because of diameter...How does that work? Would... READ MORE

Dimensions of Allergan 68-360 at Max Fill?

What is the Diameter of the Allergan 68-360 and projection at max fill? At minimum it says diameter 12.7 and Projection 4.2. Thanks. Just trying to figure out the difference... READ MORE

15cc Make a Difference in Rippling

I have allergan 360-390 filled to 375 in left and 390 in right. in the fold I can feel more rippling on the left 375 and very little on right 390. Can 15cc less on one side... READ MORE

Why Am I Feeling Edge in Fold

I had BA 8wks ago and I can feel w/o pressing in ripples in my left implant (375cc) 360-390 implant and I'm wondering if the pocket is messed up or has a hole in it and... READ MORE

Diameter of Allergan 68-360 Natrelle Vs Diameter of Mentor at Max Fill

The Allergan at minimum fill is 12.7 while the Mentor is 13.3. These are both MP. I am wanting an idea of what these would be at max fill approximately? The companies only give... READ MORE

Muscle Pulling and Pain After Breast Augmentation

I am 9wks out. My left breast is soft and dropped and my right is getting there (was the smaller side). I notice that when I do compression exercises and push them together... READ MORE

Which Will Give Me a Larger Fuller Breast...Mentor 350-400 or Allergan 360-390

Which will give me a larger fuller breast...Mentor 350-400 or Allergan 360-390? I would like a FULL C or small D or maybe mid D. I am 5 3in. 30in. rib cage. bw is 13 or 14 cm..... READ MORE

Are Moderate Plus Implants Mainly for Women with a Narrower Bw?

I'm kinda moderate plus more for women w/narrower breast width? If I measure 14cm and get a moderate plus I would need ALOT of cc's to match my width? It... READ MORE

At 3 Months out is It Normal to Still Feel the Rubbing Sensation of the Implant?

When I push my breasts together I still feel the rubbing sensation on the right side? Is this normal at 3 months out? READ MORE

Which Foundation is Better for Fine Lines?

I currently use Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals mineral makeup they claim that it doesn't settle into fine lines and that it's good for every skin type? Is it possible... READ MORE

Are Hp's Right for Me or Are Moderates Better?

I am 5ft 3in. 140lbs. My ribcage measures 31inches ( I wear a 34 band). My BWD is 14cm on each breast...measured by a doctor. I don't want to go over 430cc's as I think... READ MORE

Will HP Saline Breast Implants That Are Only 11.0 Cm Look Good on Someone with a Breast Base Width of 14.0 Cm?

Will HP saline breast implants that are only 11.0 cm look good on someone with a breast base width of 14.0 cm? My ribcage measures 31.5 inches...I wear a 34 band. thanks. READ MORE

Is It Correct to Say the Wider the Diameter the More Upper Pole You Will Have?

If my base wide is 14cm and I/the doctor chooses an implant with a diameter of 11.7 will I have less upper pole fullness than I would if I choose an implant with 12.6 width... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do Hysterectomy at the Same Time As Breast Augmentation?

I have to have a hysterectomy (divincci ...i.e. laproscropic) and was it possible to have breast augmentation at the same time... thanks. READ MORE

I Have a BWD of 14cm (Measured by a Doctor) and a Rib Cage of 31 1/2 Inches & 5ft 3 Inches 140lbs?

I have 375cc moderate on left, 390cc (allergen) on right.I think I am wanting a (350-400 12.6d)or (375-425 12.8) moderate Mentor because of my left one not being completely... READ MORE

Moderate Plus or Moderate?

I am 144lbs, 311/2 ribcage, 14cm bwd and the mentor moderate plus is 11.7cm wide at max. Is a little over 2cm too Smaller than my Bwd....or should I go with mentor 350-400 or... READ MORE

Would There Be a Big Difference in Size Between a Mentor Moderate 375-425 Implant Versus a Mentor Mod Plus 375-450?

I am 5ft 3in. I currently have allergen 360-390 and have a deflation. So I am wanting to go up just a little. I am already a 34 DDD BWD is 14cm with a 31 inch ribcage and I... READ MORE

Is a notable difference in a Mod Profile 375-425 mentor and a Mod Plus Profile 350-420 implant?

Is there a notable difference in a Mod Profile 375-425 mentor and a Mod Plus Profile 350-420 implant? As far as is being a notable difference once in the body? As far as I can... READ MORE

Recent comments from sunnyd5

Rdy..who was your doc? I had mine done in Shreveport LA too. READ COMMENT

I am in the same situation...hoping that they won't go down and just behind you time. Right now still wearing the DD. I had 375cc in left and 390cc's in right placed under the muscle. I wish I would have done this much... READ COMMENT