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Thanks for sharing your story Lorena! You look great! I to need to see Dr. G myself! READ COMMENT

Hi Jen! Whoa! Yours came out great! Congrats! You're blessed! Did your insurance cover this procedure? READ COMMENT

I've reasearched for a very long time now. I would stick with gallerani .. That's who'll operate me as well. God willing. After reading west coast post I've decided that I am not leaving the country for removal. I was thinking of Rios... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry west coast mommy! I know it's easier for me to say but please Try to stay positive. I'll keep you in my prayers! Please know that God doesn't give us anything we can't handle! You're a strong brave woman! continue to hold... READ COMMENT

Hey mama, thanks for the info. I had an MRI done out here, wonder if I can use that? I'm going to call them. This morning the rings were dark, right now not so much. Annoying as heck. Especially since it's summer time. I'm afraid to... READ COMMENT