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Can I Have About 75cc Removed from a 400cc Implant?

Two weeks ago i had a breast lift and implants. I expressed to the doctor that the right breast was larger and droopier and he knew that i wanted them to be the same size as... READ MORE

One Breast Implant Larger and Dropped Below Crease Line

I had breast lift and breast implants three weeks ago and the right breast is bigger and a lot more bruised than left and lower than crease line. My doctor says the right will... READ MORE

Lower Eye Lift and Fat Grafting

Almost three weeks ago i got a lower eye lift and fat grafting of lower eyelids and i notice that the left eye is a lot smoother than the right eye. It looks a lot nicer and im... READ MORE

Bulging Ligament After Breast Lift with Implants

Bulging what looks like vein from lower breast acroos abdomen after breast lift and implants. two weeks after my breast lift and implants i noticed that when i stretched out i... READ MORE

One Breast Larger and Lower Than Other After Breast Lift and Augmentation

After my lift and implants i noticed that the right breast was so tighter bigger and swollen and dropped beneath the crease line and i immediately told my surgeon and he said... READ MORE

Did my Breast Bottom out

I had breast lift and augmentation 5 weeks ago and immidiately 36 hours after surgery we discovered that implant had fallen below crease line. I mentioned that i had a lot of... READ MORE

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I think the hematoma is pretty much absorbed by now and i will definitely massage more. My breast are starting to look a lot better and im pretty happy with the results other than the fact that my right breast the one with the hematoma... READ COMMENT

Did the doctor mention that the due to hematoma there is a potential of capsule contraction? I went to another surgeon for second opinion and he said that because it was not drained right away there is a possibility of capsule... READ COMMENT

I forgot to mention to you that my breast shape and difference in size look just like yours except i was smaller in size and my results are very similar to yours except that mine fell beneath the crease line and im hoping that after he... READ COMMENT

Your breast look fabulous! The scarring is impecable compared to what i have seen so dont sweat the scar. My breast are getting better i love the left the right is the one with the hematoma and fell below crease line so my doctor told... READ COMMENT

They look really good! I had lift and implants 4 1/2 weeks ago and got hematoma also. My right breast is bigger than left and i am so depressed. My doctor told me not to put warm compressions on because it makes it worse. Maybe i should... READ COMMENT