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Permanent Indentation from Glasses After Rhinoplasty?

So I understand that you are not to regularly wear glasses after rhinoplasty for at least 4 weeks. I am 2.5 weeks and literally had them on for less than a minute searching for... READ MORE

Hit by Toddler 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty

I was recently struck in the face by my toddler nephew when I was just over 3 weeks post-op. Hurt pretty bad for about 10 minutes (it did not bleed). I looked in the mirror... READ MORE

Large Lump in Cheek 1 Month After Fat Graft

I am 1 month post-op, and this past week a very large lump presented itself with the inner cheek area (closest to nose). It is so prominent that it creates an indention on the... READ MORE

Facial Fat Grafting Removal

I had fat grafting performed 7 weeks ago and still feel as if my face is FAR too full. I have read that most swelling should be gone by now. If this is anywhere near the... READ MORE

Will I Lose my Fat Graft with Weight Loss?

I could not be more displeased with my fat grafting results. My PS made my cheeks far, far too full...I look chipmunk/pig-like and it is terrible. I am currently about 15lbs... READ MORE