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Bruising in Eyelid 3 Weeks After Asian Blepharoplasty

I had an asian blepharoplasty done 3 weeks ago. The swelling has gone down dramatically but some blood accumulation (possibly hematoma?) is still there, more prevalent in the... READ MORE

Can an Overly High Eyelid Crease Cause Fatigue in the Eyelid Lifting Muscle?

When I raise my eyebrows,the eyelid crease is a total of 7-8 mm. When at rest, the skin/fat drapes over the eyelid crease making it look about 3-4 mm. However my eyelid... READ MORE

Botox to Relieve Eyebrow Heaviness After Double Eyelid Surgery - Good Idea?

Hi everyone. I am planning with a surgeon to use Botox to raise my medial eyebrow as they feel heavy after Double eyelid surgery (w/ ptosis repair). The eyebrows dropped a bit... READ MORE

Taping the Eyelid Skin for Lagophtalmos- Can This Cause Eyebrows to Droop?

I had a very small Lagophthalmos after double eyelid surgery, and my doctor suggested I tape them down when sleeping, for a few nights (did it for maybe 5-6 nights sleeping).... READ MORE

Questions About Ptosis Caused By Botox

For injections of Botox to raise the medial portion of brow, what are the chances the reverse will happen? (The brow drops). What if some of the botox travels to the eyelid... READ MORE

For Botox: Experienced Plastic Surgeon OR Oculoplastic Surgeon?

Should the plastic surgeon with over 20+ years of experience (and about 10 years experience of injecting botox), or an oculoplastic surgeon with around the same experience, be... READ MORE

Eyelid Ptosis or Eyebrow Ptosis After Double Eyelid Surgery?

Had double eyelid surgery 4 months ago. Left eye had no crease before surgery. Now I think it is drooping again. Does it look like the ptosis is an eyelid ptosis or due to my... READ MORE

Eye Strain Associated with Ptosis?

The thing is, my ophtamologist thinks I have good levator function in my left eye, but when the eyes are relaxed/droopy, the left eye droops more than the right eye. When the... READ MORE

Do I Have Eyelid Ptosis?

I had ptosis surgery (and to form a crease) on my left eye 4 months ago, and a surgery to remove a little skin and fat from the right eye , about 1 week after that (did not... READ MORE

Heavy Eyebrow Feeling - Eyelid Ptosis or Eyebrow Ptosis?

My eyebrows feel super heavy on my eyelids, making my eyelids feel very heavy. Is it ptosis?. I did have asian eyelid surgery (along with a ptosis repair) about 4 months ago.... READ MORE

Method of Ptosis Repair - Connecting to Eyebrow?

In a ptosis correction, can the levator eyelid muscle be attached to the eyebrow muscle? which eyebrow muscle is connected to the levator? (such as the corrugator, or... READ MORE

Weird Complication After Surgery - Eyelid Feels "Strain" As if Moving Back into the Socket

All the swelling from my double eyelid surgery is gone, but i think a complication has arisen. It literally feels like whenever I move my eyelids up, it is moving all the way... READ MORE

Forehead Still Feels Tight / Heavy After Bleph?

It's been 4 months after bleph (with one eye ptosis repair; levator aponeurosis cut 2mm and attached to tarsal plate) and my forehead / eyebrow area feels tight and heavy... READ MORE

Can Eyelid Surgery Strengthen Surrounding Muscles Around the Eye?

Is it possible that my antagonist eyebrow muscles (or eyelid muscles for that matter) became stronger after double eyelid surgery? (or even ptosis repair) (The muscles that... READ MORE

Does Botox Cause the Injected Muscles to Weaken over Time?

Will injecting Botox cause the affected muscle to weaken over time? Will the muscle regain full strength or will it stay in the weakened state? READ MORE

What is Compensatory Ptosis?

What is compensatory ptosis? Can anyone explain? I don't have it, but I'm researching it and what to know exactly what it is. READ MORE

Other Eyelid Feels Heavy After Ptosis Repair on One Eye

I had a ptosis repair on my left eyelid, half a year ago, in China; about 2 mm of levator aponeurosis was cut out, tied to tarsal plate. About ~3 or so months after surgery... READ MORE

For Guys - Does a Lot of Hair Signify Youthfulness?

For the plastic surgeons, what are your thoughts on this- the more hair the more youthful one looks? (On men)? This seems to be the case for the general population- just wanted... READ MORE

Swelling After Ptosis Surgery

How much swelling is there after ptosis surgery in general? READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Retraction - What Are the Symptoms?

What are the symptoms?.. Is eye strain/eye ache one of them? READ MORE

Botox to Lift Brows - Should I Get It? Recommendations?

Should I get Botox to lift up my eyebrows? Do they look "mean", "Heavy", "tired" or "saggy"? Somebody said I look really mean and this... READ MORE

Getting Second Opinion from an Oculoplastic Surgeon - Need Help?

Original surgeon wants me to get second opinions on the cause of eyelid strain after correction of ptosis, and eyelid surgery so that he can correct something. I trust him so I... READ MORE

Stuck in a Dilemma - Eye Strain Caused by Ptosis

I went in with a revision with my original surgeon but alas he told me after that he is very conservative in correcting ptosis. The reason I got the revision ptosis repair was... READ MORE

Eyelid Weakness After Ptosis Repair?

Should I expect some temporary eyelid weakness after ptosis repair? Should I expect to "feel" that my eyelid muscle is stronger after repair? Although I just had... READ MORE

Ptosis Revision? Too Early?

According to the surgeon,the levator muscles on both my eyelids have slipped again, which makes it very difficult for me to open my eyes- i can open them, but it takes a lot of... READ MORE

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In general 7 days is okay. in some people it leaves white rail road track marks.. i think that's your case. my eyelids have slightly visible white rail road track marks too and it was left on 7 days. should be more like 4 days. READ COMMENT