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Pregnant and Implants May Have Ruptured

In 3rd tri of pregnancy & pretty sure my NATRELLE saline implants implants which were put in through my belly button about 2 years ago are leaking. My surgeon is across U.S... READ MORE

Should I Trust a Doctor That Has a Bad Review to Revise my Breast Implants?

Dr. that did my surgery has a horrible review from one customer. My implants are ruptured now and I dont know whether I should go back to him or trust the one bad review I... READ MORE

What Should I Replace my Saline Implants with to Reduce Sag Factor?

My saline implants are saggy? They look a little tooo natural? What options do I have? First one popped, but before that they were saggy. I don't know what my best options to... READ MORE

Are Leaking Left Implant and Sore Ribs Linked?

I am in my third trimester and my left ribs are aching very bad. My left implant also seems to be leaking. I don't know if it is pregnancy related or implant related. I... READ MORE

One Popped Saline Implant, Will a PS Pop the Other Implant So I Can Go to Bootcamp?

My left implant popped and I recently finished breastfeeding so its too soon to get my plants removed or replaced.plus I want to go into the military but I cant until my... READ MORE

Need to Locate a Doctor Near Burbank California to Pop my Saline Implant

I need to locate a surgeon near burbank california to pop my saline implant so I can have seemetry until im done with going to bootcampand am ready to get them replaced.i am... READ MORE

Need to Find a Doctor in or Near Burbank to Pop Saline Implant

I am going into the military and will be losing alot of weight in bootcamp. One of my implants already popped on its own and I just finished breastfeeding. Rather than replace... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Implants Removed Only a Few Weeks After Breastfeeding?

My doctor reccomended removing my saline implants instead of just popping the other for semetry(my left one popped on its own).I am worried because I told him I only stopped... READ MORE

Is 500 Too Cheap for Saline Implant Removal?

Does price have anything to do with quality of a surgeon. I found a surgeon I like he has great reviews on every website. Hes on plasticsurgery.org. I just noticed most... READ MORE

Urgent Need Implants Removed - Burbank

My saline impalnts popped.about three years ago and I feel like a freak. I cry whenever I put clothes on because my chest is lopsided from the left one popping and the right... READ MORE