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I've been very pleased with Vivite' combined w/ Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Xtreme...Sally Hansen's is good for protecting the lips in dry weather too & very reasonably priced.. READ COMMENT

Vivite is great! READ COMMENT

Vivite' is very good but expensive...supposed to apply 2 x /day! For an inexpensive brand try Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Xtreme...but it's getting harder to find. I combine the 2 products for extra "milage"! Salley Hansen's lubricates... READ COMMENT

If you use TCA peeling Solution at about 35 to 40%%, you could begin to peel away the eyebrow very careful while doing & read up on it. I had the same problem but I had "permanent cosmetic/tattooed lipliner" done... READ COMMENT

One of the first things my Facial Plastic Surgeon told me was that THEY DON'T USE SCULPTRA AROUND or NEAR THE EYES...I never let anyone touch my face unless I know they are highly qualified..such as with a good FACIAL SPECIALIST in... READ COMMENT