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I have had fillers put in my tear troughs a couple of times with great success. All were done in Nashville, TN. Well.... I recently moved to Palm Beach, Florida and decided I needed a freshening up since it had been 2.5 years since my last filler for under my eyes. I'm 54 mind you and rather thin (Crohn's) so there are times I feel I'm older looking than my actual age. I looked online and... READ MORE

Had Upper Eyelid Surgery,

No pros that I can think of at this time. I wanted to get rid of the sad, tired look I had gotten from the past 5 years of stress (my only son, 17 years old, drowned and I've had to move over the country for my seriously ill teenage daughter (and only surviving child). My face fell because of the stress and I was getting botox to help lift and reduce wrinkles. Each time I'd go in, the... READ MORE

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Eyes Look Small and Uneven After Eyelid Surgery and Laser Resurfacing

I had upper eyelid surgery a week ago. Laser resurfacing under eyes. MY EYES LOOK TINY AND UNEVEN. I think I should have had a brow lift and not eyelild surgery. What can I do... READ MORE

Could having Voluma dissolved under my eye make it worse? (photos)

Recently I was injected by a dermatologist with Voluma under my eyes to fill in the hollowness. My left side looks terrific, however my right side looks like I have a balloon... READ MORE

Is it possible that he is not injecting the hyaluronidase in the right place? That he is injecting it too low? (Photo)

As I have mentioned before, my dermatologist injected me with Voluma and the result is one side looks terrific the other looks as though I have a facial deformity. He tried to... READ MORE

Where is the Vitrase supposed to be injected? (Photo)

I had the Hyaluronidase injected cautiously 4 days ago with absolutely no improvement what so ever. I feel as though he didn't inject it into the filler, but tried to inject it... READ MORE

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And seeing a lawyer to see what can be done about this "doctor" READ COMMENT

You're right. The doctor screwed up and my eye STILL is not back to normal. I am now in the process of seeing a plastic surgeon to REPAIR what this monster did to my face. READ COMMENT

Go to Dr. Goldberg or to Dr. Pena (in Franklin - Cool Springs) They both have really good reputations. READ COMMENT

Bonrae - Don't let him touch it. Learn from my horrific mistake that is Still a major issue for me. Go to a Plastic surgeon. READ COMMENT

I made the same mistake. I went to a "very respected" Dermatologist also. DUMB DUMB DUMB! I will NEVER go back to the idiot who ruined my face. My Derm was dumb enough to tell me that he had ANOTHER patient who had the same (sh*tty)... READ COMMENT