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What's Normal for Grid Marks After Affirm CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

21, after having my face, neck & chest resurfaced w/the Affirm Co2 laser, I still have dot-track marks (grid like) on my cheeks, under eyes, chin & neck. I'm sure... READ MORE

IPL And/or Microdermabrasion After Affirm Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

I have mild grid-like track marks and lines on my face from the Affirm co2 laser resurfacing I had done a month ago (1 session instead of 3-4). Would IPL or microdermabrastion... READ MORE

How Long Before Spider Veins Disappear With Asclera??

I went in on 3/31 for Asclera injections on my right leg for very small spider veins. Four days later & the veins are still there & now I have red puncture marks.. It... READ MORE

How Long Before I See Asclera Results?

I had asclera a week ago on my right thigh and the ONE spider vein I wanted dissolved is Still there and now I have a bunch of red puncture marks and a hard mass the size of a... READ MORE

Is Thermage Good for Tightening Under Eye Creepiness?

I love botox, but it causes my big cheeks to move UP instead of to the side & up (cause of crows feet).. so, it's working to prevent more crows feet, but it's... READ MORE

I Was Told Not to Use Moisturizer After IPL, Why?

I read that you should use moisturizer after IPL, but when I had it done, my doctor told me NOT to use any to help speed up the "clearing" of the coffee grounds. Sure... READ MORE

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When I have IPL done, that night & the next morning, my face feels & kind of looks like I had a day of sun w/out sunblock. So that's more than likely what you're seeing/feeling which is totally normal for IPL. READ COMMENT

Mimirunzz, dont worry at all. You'll be fine. You might get some of the "coffee grounds" affect if you have sun damage in the area where they gave you the IPL, but don't worry if you do, the dark marks will come to the surface & flake... READ COMMENT

From what I've heard, IPL is not for women who have melasma already or for ethnic skin types. I wonder if that has something to do with the types of people who are getting the damage to their skin? READ COMMENT

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I have had IPL with great sucess. I have had it done on my face, my chest, my stomach & my shoulders for sun damage and have great sucess. The doctor I see does a one time session versus... READ COMMENT

Yes, I notice that I have more brown skin on my chest now after having the laser done. Uuuggg I'm going to probably have to do more IPL treatments just to get the brown skin back to being light again. READ COMMENT