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Uncomfortable but Very Happy with Invisalign

I didn't think invisaligh hurt a lot, but it is uncomfortable. I was hard to sleep at first. My teeth weren't terribly crooked, but after braces as a teen my teeth seemed to shift back. The reslts have been very nice. A ,ot of people didn't even know I had them I have a couple more months to go and I woyld say this has been worth it. I finf my lips felt chapped, so be ready for that. READ MORE

Prevelle, Great While It Lasts, but It Doesn't Last Long

I got prevelle injected when I expressed a fear of the pain and the result of Juvederm. I was told it wouldn't last long, but I wouldn't have pain and I could see what a filler could do for me. All of that was true. The experience was painless and I did love the result. But, it seemed to dissapear very quickly. After my experience with Prevelle, the nurse encouraged me to give... READ MORE

Botox, Just a Little for a Big Difference

I have been getting Botox at Dr. L's office for 4 years. I drive from Chapel Hill and it is worth the trip. The price I am payig now is far less than I paid before. i thiknk they are using less Botox to get the same result. I have been consistently happy since I started going there 4 years ago. I will probably never start. My advice is too look for an office that uses a lot of Botox. They... READ MORE

Juvederm Long Lasting, and Virtually Painless

I recently received Juvederm, from the amazing nurse at dr. L's office in Raleigh. Before getting Juvederm, I was too afraid of the pain so I tried Prevelle silk. I did like Prevelle, but it just didn't last very long. The new Juvederm w/ Lidocane (sp?) to help numb the area was awesome. The treatment was almost painless. It is called Juvederm XC I think and I am very happy with... READ MORE