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Suggestions to Improve Nasal Features on an Asian Male?

I'm an asian male and I've always thought that my nose could do with certain corrections even though I cannot exactly pinpoint them. I've provided my photos and basically, what... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Go for an Orbital Decompression Purely from a Cosmetic Standpoint?

What are the possible side-effects from it? Are there alternative methods to deepen eyes? READ MORE

How Long Can I Expect Scars from Alar Reduction on Nose to Last?

I went for an alar reduction on my nose abt two months before. I was told scarring is to be expected along the boundaries of my nose and face. It has already greatly improved... READ MORE

Will Brow Bones Develop After 19?

I find that I've a brow bone that's rather lacking for a male, leaving a distance I feel is too large between my eyes and eyebrow. Besides, it also looks feminine. Will... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have my Nose Tip Projected More, or Possibly my Bridge Enhanced?

I'm asian and my nose tip is kinda underprojected, i.e. more upturned. As a guy wouldn't it be more masculine if it were to be projected more and hence create a smaller... READ MORE