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What is Healing Time for Asian Blepharoplasty on Young Male?

What is the difference in healing times (for upper blepharoplasty in Asian) for a healthy 18 year old male, as opposed to someone 30, 40 even 50 years old? Is the healing time... READ MORE

What Could Be Causing Discoloration After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

After Asian double eyelid surgery, it’s been a month since then, both my eyes are purple-blackish discolored. My surgeon says it’s edema that’s causing some... READ MORE

What is the Healing Process After Upper Eyelid Surgery?

Why does the tissue fluid stay in the eye after blepharoplasty? Why does the body take so long to heal from a minor surgery? is it because the body is building up new tissue to... READ MORE

What Specialist Should I See About Ptosis Ache?

I had ptosis repair one eye more than year ago [still had a minor 1mm ptosis after that], about a month after that been having a dull ache whenever that eye lifts up, dull ache... READ MORE

"Digital" Eyelid Massage for Overcorrection - Is It Safe?

After ptosis repair, is it recommended NOT to massage the eyelid, because some say that is can "re-stretch" the levator and weaken the sutures that attach the levator... READ MORE

Is Minor Ptosis Best Left Alone?

I have what are considered "big" double eyelids, unfortunately I have ptosis in both eyes, a very small amount, about 0.5mm in right eye (covers A TINY portion of the... READ MORE

Swelling from Eyelid Surgery. Do the Eyebrows Go Back Down?

It seems that my eyebrows are higher (from the swelling) from eyelid surgery along with looking puffier (esp around the lateral "outside" part). but my eyebrows were... READ MORE

Medi-Cal Acceptance? (For Ptosis)

Do most oculoplastic surgeons accept Medi-Cal when approved? I think I am covered under medi-cal, do I need to get tested under the oculoplastic surgeon or under any general... READ MORE

Forehead Drop After Botox?

So I had a minor eyebrow/forehead drop after some injections of Botox in my forehead about a week ago.. My forehead is extremely relaxed (unable to move it), but at the same... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery - Fear of Tugging Sensation Post-op

2 of my friends got double eyelid surgery (anchor fixation) few years ago and she said may not be worth it because every time she looks up there is a strong tugging... READ MORE

Scar Tissue from Eyelid Surgery and Healing Times

It takes about a year for all the scar tissue in the eyelid from eyelid surgery to soften right? im guessing some of the stiffness is from the swelling, but in general, I am a... READ MORE

Ptosis Repair - How to Speed Up Healing Process?

Resting from medical leave due to necessary ptosis repair (bilateral). just wondering, I have about a month to rest at home, what can I do to speed up the initial rate of... READ MORE

What is the Possibility of Scar Tissue Causing Lagopthalmos?

Although I know this is a possibility of eyelid surgery, but I heard it is very rare and almost not possible unless a trauma other than surgery caused it. I know that the most... READ MORE

Temporary Solutions for Ptosis Until the Operation?

Since my surgeon said the eyelids will very likely not be out of a ptotic range by the end of the healing process (if we were to wait 1 year), we are planning to do another... READ MORE

The Type of Scar from Upper Blepharoplasty?

I know that some surgeons attach the levator muscle to tarsal plate(static), and some attach levator to skin(dynamic). some asian patients complain that in static crease, that... READ MORE

Is Skin Removed During Ptosis Repair?

In a levator approach/resection (ptosis repairs) is any skin removed? or none at all READ MORE

How Visible is the Scar from an Upper Bleph During First Few Months?

Being technical here, how visible is the scar when looking down (downgaze)? I know that it can't be seen in normal gaze. READ MORE

Can Contour Abnormalities Be Improved by More Ptosis Repair?

I have some peaking towards the outside of the eyelid area[lateral portion], along with minor ptosis overall on that eyelid. Just wondering whether or not a Fasanella-Servat or... READ MORE

Can Exercise Help Swelling Go Away Faster?

Can light exercise help improve the rate of recovery from surgery? It seems logical because it boosts the immune system, improves circulation and I would expect it to improve... READ MORE

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Thanks Tom. and honestly at the Original poster i don't see much of a difference at all between the 6th month and 1 year, maybe because I am not extremely meticulous but I already saw good results with my eyelid surgery at about 2... READ COMMENT

Wtf? your eyes look even to me, what are you talking about look uneven? READ COMMENT

First of all 1) the fold thingy you talk about is a static fold that means it's PERMANENT. it means the levator muscle is attached to the tarsal plate. this is perfectly normal, some surgeons do it this way. nothing wrong 2) the... READ COMMENT

By the way don't get revision dude your eyelids are not that asymmetrical at all, my eyes look almost exactly like yours but a little bit more asymmetrical. dude its the crease there that matters, your eyes look much better than before... READ COMMENT

Do you feel your forehead/top of head straining to lift up the eye on the right side? READ COMMENT