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Crepey Skin in Under-eye Area After Using Retin-A Micro - Sacramento, CA

Three days into my use of Retin-A Micro, my under-eye area looked BAD! I looked 80 and I'm in my 60's. i was probably applying too much AND I didn't know about applying moisturizer 10 min after applying it on another site (won't interfere with effectiveness). Once I did that, It made all the difference in the world. I'm now on day 8 and that area is looking more normal now,... READ MORE

Deep FX 2 Hours Ago - Sacramento, CA

I got my laser treatment today for perioral lines around the mouth. Went in an hour early, after taking two Motrin at home. They applied numbing cream to the area and wanted to do some injections to help block the pain. I decided against them, instead waiting until the procedure started to see if numbing cream would be enough. When the doctor came in an hour later to start the procedure,... READ MORE

Cool Lipo

Cool-lipo was suggested as a means of improving a pouchy, sagging neck area. I'm in my mid-fifties and my neck was that of a 70-ish.....too much sunbathing all my life did some real damage to the elasticity.  The procedure was truly pain-free....I was given some oral meds and then had some nerve blocks in my neck.  One incision on each side of my jawline was made for the... READ MORE

Questions from Sadee

Will Fraxel Re:pair Significantly Tighten my Neck?

I had a Cool-Lipo procedure on my neck 3 months ago. While there is definitely less volume, I'm left with very lose skin. (I'm 54) It was suggested to me that I may want to... READ MORE

Botox Resistant?

I've had botox injections for about 5 years now. Crow's feet, bunny wrinkle and upper lip lines. Lately, last 8 mos. or so, I haven't had good results in the upper lip area.... READ MORE

Can I get Botox after Deep FX?

I'm getting Deep Fx for perioral lines next week. After I heal, should I get some botox around the mouth to minimize movement and thus create new wrinkles? Or will I be fine... READ MORE

Deep FX treatment for smoker's lines?

I've had two deep FX treatments a month apart on my perioral area. Wanted to address smoker's lines. It's now 3 weeks out from my last treatment and everything looks the same.... READ MORE

Recent comments from Sadee

And I'm 60...ins. doesn't cover it, but my dermatologist gave me a Walgreens participation discount card and so I only pay $35...BUT you DO have to have an active insurer & it's actually run thru the ins. Not sure why no questions... READ COMMENT

Just so there's no confusion, my product is labeled "tretinoin" gel miscrosphere 0.08% with first listed ingredient being tretinoin. My dermatologist prescribed Atralin .05% tretinoin, two years ago & I saw next to no improvement.... READ COMMENT

I use .08% pump EVERY night. In the beginning, I realized I was using WAY too much! I woke up very, very red the next morning. Reread instructions, used only a pea-sized amount for entire face. Moisturizer 10-15 min later. No more... READ COMMENT

I'm using .08% pump. I'm using Cetaphil (the big jar) and it's a little greasy feeling but pretty much absorbed by morning. I tried just using Jergens or even Ceravé, but they both stung like crazy! So I'll put up with the greasy feel..... READ COMMENT

Hi kerryRoda, I also got mine thru Walgreens and the reg price shown was $1145! I paid $35 with Walgreen participation coupon. I want to use on my hands also, but is it a waste of time and product? READ COMMENT