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You can also get yourself a vibrating facial massager. I use one a lot. It helps also w/ the pain & itching. Of course drainage,too. READ COMMENT

It never goes away! Beleive me. I had a lot of injectins put in. Way too many,but even just a little bit is very bad. It just moves around & cuases Cyst & Rapid Skin Cell Growth Disease. You'll have drainage that collects under your... READ COMMENT

I had injections put in between my eyes. Am having a horrible experience trying to get it OUT! I wish I had never heard of the junk. It cuases cysts under the skin that drain under & around my eyes. Hurts soooo bad! I'm trying chemical... READ COMMENT

Never have it or any other kind of injections done! Please, read down for more of my ANGRY post! All the small print of possible side affects will happen. Get the word out! That is what I am trying to do. I hope it is not too late for... READ COMMENT

I AGREE!!!! Not any kind of the so called quick fixes of any kind of the injections! BAD!!!!!!!!!!! READ COMMENT