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I went to what was supposed to be my last visit and last aligner #17's, but my front tooth and some of the crowded teeth on front bottom are not where they are supposed to be. So, he removed the buttons off of my teeth and took new... READ COMMENT

Hello! Just had my Aligners #10 put in (12/30/10). My teeth have straightened quite a bit on the bottom, and my top front tooth (the reason I got Invisalign), is almost down to wear it should be, just a smidge off. Initially, one of... READ COMMENT

Thanks Requena. I asked because I I also received financing at 0% for 24 months. Now, the company is being investigated by New York Attorney General General Cuomo, as well as a few other similar companies. The company you mentioned... READ COMMENT

I skipped a month in reporting back here. As of 11/2/10 I am now on aligners #6. My Dentist did a little shaving in between my teeth to make room for more movement. He gave me my next set aligners #7 to put in myself in 2 weeks and... READ COMMENT

Hi Berger: Actually, with metal braces, once you are done with them, you have to wear a retainer for life as well. It is no different. I had braces for 9 years. Never wore a retainer when I was finished with my braces, and my teeth... READ COMMENT