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Questions from sailorsue

Is over or Under the Muscle a Better Choice for a 475-500cc Implant?

Doctor says that unless I'm a AA cup he will not do under the muscle and no matter where I read I get different information. Help me, so confused!!!!! So what would be better... READ MORE

Allergan or Mentor Implants?

Trying to decide what brand to use, for a 500cc silicone high profile implant? Is one brand better than the other? Does one have more benefits than the other? And is it true... READ MORE

What Cup Size Would a 500cc Implant Give Me?

Starting with a A cup, If i were to have a 500cc high profile silicone implant, roughly what cup size would that give me?? Would it make a difference in size if it were over or... READ MORE

Partial Submuscular, Total Submuscular, or Subfacial Position - Which is Better?

Which would you prefer, for a 500cc silicon implant? i'm worried about how real they'll feel? will subfascial still give me the benefit of under the muscle for feel real wise? READ MORE

What's the Biggest Breast Implant I Can Get with my Measurements?

HELP! whats the biggest cc i can go with my measurements? can i do 500cc?? 5'4 32in waiist 27in around under boob 30in arond over boob 34A /B cup size depends on bra. got broad... READ MORE

Will a 500cc Implant Work on my Body?

About 5'4 25inch wasist 32inch hips 27in around under boob 30in around over boob 34A/B cup size broad shoulders want 500cc silicon high profile implant what cup size would i be... READ MORE

Should Implants Be Different Sizes to Fix Uneven Breasts? (photo)

Did consult, originally was goin 4 silicone 475 cc highprof. now think I want 500 cc. will that work on me? what placement should I do? thinkin split muscle. should I also be... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About Bottoming out 7 Days After Breast Augmentation?

Under mus. silicon, high prof. 2 different size implants by 15cc 7 days Post op, right breast has dropped a lot lower than left already & is gettin rather painful/tender at... READ MORE

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What size were u be4 575ccs? READ COMMENT