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Hello, have you fixed this problem yet? You can get them removed (it will take several treatments, but it is safe, no scrarring) via Laser tattoo removal with a q-switched nd:yag laser. Same process as laser tattoo removal. May take... READ COMMENT

It is unfortunate that this happened but that is always a risk with lip liner. If you continue with the laser treatments, treating it like a black tattoo, it should lighten over several treatments. However, this is not always a... READ COMMENT

SF1951 - Your results are amazing, just what I'm looking for! Can you please share your pre and post-treatment regimen in detail? I am concerned with reports of infection and want to do this procedure but want to be proactive about... READ COMMENT

You can get it removed with a q-switched laser. It may take several sessions. Whatever you do, do NOT go back to your permanent makeup artist and ask them to fix it. Most permanent makeup artists are taught to use skin color or white... READ COMMENT