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At Home TCA Peel for Hyperpigmentations/melasma - Australia

I'll update this as the days go one- I've just done my first 12.5% TCA peel. I've been getting microderms for months and use AHA / retin A products so my skin was well-prepped. Pros- - Cost: it's cheap I got my kit from MUAC. It will probably last a year's worth of peels. - Directions for use: I was wary both because of the cheap cost and DIY aspect, but I was glad... READ MORE

Depigmentation Results After 2 Months - Sydney, Australia

I'm pregnant and being that I have had no treatment options for depigmentation other than microdermabrasion and light peels I thought I would share my findings. Results are good, and the mask is definitely fading. The pic below is after 8 treatments (micro alternating with peel). Also started using AHA products at home along with ascorbic acid ( Vit C) and lots 'o sunscreen... READ MORE

Definitely Worth It - Boston, MA

I've been having laser hair removal for years and have not regretted it once. I have sensitive skin so I could never wax because of ingrown hairs. It takes time and you need to be patient, but if you think of what you spend on razors or waxing a year, it's actually more economical. (also just read an article in the new York times stating the same). The hair is not completely... READ MORE

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Hiya, The dilution depends on the initial strength of the solution. I bought the highest grade, I believe, from MUAC it's 30%. From the instructions they give you they will tell you how to dilute it correctly. Sorry, I just don't... READ COMMENT

Hey Gab, Just posted a pic for you up there. Not sure if the camera/lighting can properly show how much of the pigmentation is gone. Plus, a little has come back because I haven't been using sunblock like I should (shamefully hangs... READ COMMENT

Hi Qwesza, I had gotten a 30% MUAC TCA peel and diluted it. I only mentioned that the 12.5% didn't do anything and then the 18% was super strong to underline how important it is to slowly increase the strength. Since the 12.5% did... READ COMMENT

I've had bikini, underarm, belly line, upper lip done/chin. When I started in Boston I think it was about 200 for 20 minutes. Since then (2007) the prices have gotten much cheaper. I now live in Sydney though so I don't know how... READ COMMENT

There are different opinions on whether this can be done if you are pregnant, but the majority say it's okay as far as I could find. I obviously didn't go anywhere near Vitamin A or retinoid products, but when researching the... READ COMMENT