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Younger Neck - Naperville, IL

So I have been getting Botox for years in my forehead this is the first time I wanted to try it for my neck ( they were having a sale). Let me tell you I am really impressed the skin even looks smoother.I have been getting Botox for years and always happy with my results.i just wish I would have started getting before any wrinkles started. READ MORE

Touching Up a 13 Year Old Tummy Tuck - Des Plaines, IL

I had four very large babies and the result was excessive skin. I had a full TT back in 2003 with lipo when the bandages came off I remembering being so happy with my results. The problem is if you gain any weight it goes right to the place you didn't have lipo. That's what happened to me and where I'm at right now. I am heading to have my upper abdomen lipoid and a small amount of skin... READ MORE

Best Money I Ever Spent - Chicago, IL

I had my tummy tuck back in 2003 and it was the best decision I've ever made.My babies were all over 9 lbs and my skin was so stretched out that no matter of exercise would repair the damage. I met Dr Makhlouf when he did my breast aug and he did an excellent job still very happy with my results. So when I did the tummy tuck I knew he would do an excellent job .He is very professional and... READ MORE

Questions from sizzorgirl67

When Will I See Results After a Neck Lift?

I had the procedure 10 days ago and at first I had a lot of jiggly fluid under my chin the ps gave me a steroid and it went down but is still there. I told him I was concerned... READ MORE

What to Do to Improve Skin Texture and Even Skin Tone?

Ive done 30% peels at home and see not much improvement I would like to improve my skin texture and get rid of uneven color. The peel at home isnt helping. Whats the next step.... READ MORE

How Long to Wait Before Neck Lift Revision?

I had a neck lift 3 weeks ago and under my chin is more wrinkled then before and I have hard lumps that I can see and feel. I had lipo and the muscle repaired, It's not right I... READ MORE

What Should I Do About Bad Necklift Results?

I Had a Neck Lift 3 Months Ago. I posted my picture 10 days after my neck lift and could tell I didn't like what I saw.Now its 3 months later and Im still not happy.He... READ MORE

Should I Pay for a Neck Lift Touch Up?

I had a neck lift in June,right away I wasn't happy .He told me to wait and it would improve over time its been over 4 months.I went in and told him Im still not happy he... READ MORE

My eyelids seems more droopy after Botox, any suggestions of what to do?

I have been getting Botox since 2003 not consistently but at least a few times a years.My question lately when I get it my eyelids seem more droopy also I notice no matter how... READ MORE

Had neck lift twice (by broad certified) still looks terrible. I want a facelift now I am scared it won't turn out good? (photo)

I had a neck lift by a broad certified plastic surgeon he did it twice I have still had other dr's say he did not do a good job. I want to get a facelift now but really don't... READ MORE

Nurse practitioner says adding more Juvederm through the tear trough could cause blindness?

I had Juvederm in my tear trough one time by a PS and I liked the results and ever since then I go to a nurse practitioner and they always say they can't do that. So I feel... READ MORE

What should I do at this point? 6 years post Neck Lift and fillers and nothing is helping. (photos)

Had a necklift by a board certified PS and he redid it as well, 6 years later and it still looks bad. What should I do at this point? I do fillers but they are not helping. I... READ MORE

Recent comments from sizzorgirl67

I think I am going with DR Harley I spoke to him on the phone and he was very pleasant.Plus of course kids are against it they don't know the feeling of looking in the mirror and not seeing the person you are on the inside. READ COMMENT

Now that's a dam good breast lift!!!! I love your results!! I wish I lived in WA. READ COMMENT

You look good was the cost really $15,000 or was that a number you made up? READ COMMENT

Looks good, what is your dr's name and info? READ COMMENT

No offense, but there is absolutely no way hair can grow that much in three weeks. READ COMMENT