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Are Grafts Needed in Primary Rhinoplasty?

I have been told by a surgeon that when removing a bump on the bridge of the nose that I would then need grafts taken from my nose to fill in that part, to prevent collapse,... READ MORE

Help Needed on Implant Size

I am having breast implant surgery on the aug 13, but i am worried that i haven't chosen the right implant size for me .I chose initially to have 420 cc ,but then got... READ MORE

Help lost Fullness in Tip After Rhinoplasty

I had primary rhinoplasty,where i wanted my nose to be made refined and the bump to be taken out.i told the surgeon that i like the fullness in my tip as i think it looked cute... READ MORE

Can Swelling from Rhinoplasty Make Tip Look Pointy?

I had rhinoplasty just over two weeks was open rhinoplasty and i can tell that my nose at the end is really hard and wont move its almost like a small round ball at the... READ MORE

Can Tip Surgery Be Reversed?

I really am starting to hate my the point that I am so depressed.its not pinhced but more narrow than i wanted.i miss some of the wideness of my nose.if i was to wait... READ MORE

Need Help - Best Revision Rhinoplasty Doctors in America?

Due to my poor results,I am now looking at revision surgery.I know I will have to wait a year but have decided to do bit of homework now.I was hoping to consult with Dr... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Result Looks Strong Enough? (photo)

I had a primary rhinoplasty done in england ,the surgeon removed too much of my nose leaving me with a weak nose that ended up collapsing.i was born with a strong long nose... READ MORE

Please Help Want Lip Filler Reversed?

I had ha filler injected in the border of the lips about two years ago.i believe it was injected too close to the surface.i hate the way it looks & want it removed i can... READ MORE

Can you remove columella strut through closed rhinoplasty?

I am going to be having a revision it possible to remove a collumella strut through closed rhinoplasty.i was left with a retracted collumella and it feels so... READ MORE

Can you please recommend a good experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon in America?

I have had a bad primary in england and wish to get it fixed and hopefully restore some of my original traits to my nose so i get my look back.can you recommend a well known... READ MORE

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Beautiful natural result READ COMMENT

Beautiful result.very natural.congrats! READ COMMENT

You look so beautiful READ COMMENT

Wow what a beautiful look so stunning..congrats! READ COMMENT

Such a beautiful result and you are so pretty READ COMMENT