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update....its been over a year and several months now and look at the lumping it worse! - Austin, TX

I was talked into doing it..not sure why he wanted to put under eyes. guess it comes down to dollars. I finally got evolence removed!!! took over an hour this product was yellow and hard.. What was causing lumps. Plastic surgeon wasn't to sure at first . He had to order a specific tool ... READ MORE

Wish I'd Never Gotten - Austin, TX

Look good but two months after I got sick. I've gotten sicker due to these dangerous toxic things! Wish I'd have stuck w saline like before! Silicone ones are too toxic for our bodies . They cause : hair loss, severe fatigue and everything you can imagine w autoimmune problems! The maker... READ MORE

Questions from evolenceprod

Why do doctors continue to tell people Evolence will go away?

It won't! It's hard , collects ur own Collegen and will get worse longer left in. Turns area yellow where product is placed! Worst product ever - mine was done in 3/2009 had it... READ MORE

Breast implant toxins and illness?

Silicone /saline illnesses Why are you doctors so completely unaware of poison by the chemicals and toxins with CERTAIN people? Why do you continue to keep your head in the... READ MORE

I'm having spasms a year after Sientra gummy bear implants. What could be the cause?

Just started getting a tugging /spasm feeling . Implants done are the seintra gummy. Nov 2014 . Please don't say it's unusual . I know too many women say they have it and it's... READ MORE

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I feel for you ! I got sick as soon as the things were put in too! READ COMMENT

Oh ... My apologies!!!!!! So sorry. Im considering removing mine now not so sure. I do hope u find a resolution. READ COMMENT

Sue her for what exactly? Wrinkles from being stretched by implants? READ COMMENT

Cant really fault the ps can u? If u had implants they stretch us out. Can expect them to look as they did before. U should get a lift? Could help. Im guessing time will be ur friend READ COMMENT

Hope u ended up getting them out! Wish I would never have gotten these. Been sick ever since I implanted. Toxic things are one big chemical bag of illness! And not to mention seintra is halting sell due to quality comprise. READ COMMENT