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(updated) Acne is gone, but so is my HAIR!!! - California

Since Accutane is banned in the US, I was prescribed its generic Claravis, half dose, of 20mg. My derm suggested half dose since my acne was mild but persistent. (I've had breakouts for 15 years and finally decided to do something about it when it got worse in my 30's, I wish I hadnt waited). I tried an entire year of oral/topical solutions, and they would work initially, but the acne kept... READ MORE

Wish I Hadn't... - California

I had my 1st breast augmentation 10 years ago when I was only 24, had 1 pregnancy(breastfed) two years following. Now I'm having to decide whether to have a re-do or simply have them removed w/ a lift. I have had no complications, i.e. capsular contracture or rupture. I just wish I had waited until I was much older and wiser before permanently altering my body. I've finally decided to... READ MORE

Didnt Last-Santa Maria, CA

I had 1 syringe of Radiesse injected in my nasolabial folds 5 months ago, and its already almost gone! I wasn't impressed with the results immediately after the injection, anyway. I've also had Juviderm XC injected in my lips, at the same time, and it has definately lasted much longer. If I ever get my nasolabial's done again, it will be Juviderm, lasts longer and is cheaper. READ MORE

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Can I Use Dermal Fillers if I'm Prone to Keloids?

I've been to several different doctors, for my nasolabial folds, all recommended a different product; Radiesse or Juvederm. My folds are very superficial, but I am prone to... READ MORE

Radiesse Migrated to Under my Nose?

Had Radiesse injected 3 days ago, nasolabial. Possibly improper injection or product migrated! I can feel a large bulge under nostril from inside mouth. If I press on cheek, I... READ MORE

Wishing to Ex-plant, Does It Matter if I Wait?

I have large, sub-glandular, saline implants and want them removed. I currently have no CC, and was wondering if it makes a significant difference in surgery difficulty and/or... READ MORE

Breast Lift Timing - Best Results in Regards to Symmetry and Scarring? (photo)

I'm replacing my 450cc sub-glandular salines with 255cc silicone, partial sub-muscular and a lift. I am staging the lift to stave off any possibility of nipple necrosis (I have... READ MORE

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Did your PS make your pocket super tight, or a little larger than the implant. This will determine how much and how quickly your implant will drop. My Dr did mine super tight, and I wish he'd done it looser to have results like yours.... READ COMMENT

I hate to say it, but I too think you are being overly critical. The difference between your before and 8 months post-op is remarkable, you look very natural for having gone with a high profile. Remember, even REAL breasts aren't... READ COMMENT

The Dr's who recommended 300-350 were being conservative to save you from "going too big". From the pics of your dream boobs, a 400+ high profile would be in order...however head the warning of going too big. READ COMMENT

Choosing "size" or implant volume is the most difficult decision to make, and in my experience you want to get it right the first time. Otherwise, start saving for your revisionary surgery as soon as you complete your first! For... READ COMMENT

Your results are very natural looking. Good choice regarding implant type and volume ~ contrats!! READ COMMENT