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It's Not Worth The Temporary Effects.

Pro's: Cleared face after 2 weeks with a minor initial breakout. Made my skin look like $1 million dollars. I could shave while walking down the street because no spots get through. I looked like the person I wanted to be. After using Accutane I had no reason to wash my face, it looked so clean. It makes you focus on life and regular things because you dont have acne. You cant help but go... READ MORE

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Can Oily Skin Be Treated Without Accutane?

Oily skin has caused my 10 years with acne (now 24yrs old) Can oily skin be effectively treated without Accutane? Over active sebaceous glands cause my whiteheads &... READ MORE

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People are all different when it comes to this drug, because under our skin are many random pore's and spots either ready to come out or hibernating. An initial breakout is kinda good when on accutane because your skin gets so dry the... READ COMMENT

The permanent hair loss is true, its even worse for males because we cant add hair extensions. I used to have a thick head of hair it was the only thing i liked because my acne sucked, but now my acne came back and my hair sucks. READ COMMENT

Your right, it's not worth it. People think its a cure, they think if they do it they will be cured, this is not the case. If it cured acne it would be deemed a miracle. READ COMMENT

Accutane does cause balding, i had a full head of hair at age 21 and it was amazing, being a guy with such great hair was so rad, but a few weeks after finishing accutane, guess what happened? it all started to come out in clumps.... READ COMMENT

Just remember that everything you go through on accutane is going to have to be done again. If you inherited acne then unfortunately accutane will not cure you for life. The effects are great but they last a matter of months, so dont... READ COMMENT