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Initially Good Experiences, then Ptosis Last Year, This Year BAD Dry Eyes

The amount I listed refers to the most treatment I got in March of 2010. The first time I had Botox injected I had just turned 40. I was really happy with the results, and went to the same injector for the next several years. Then, in July of 2009, I noticed a slight ptotic droop in the right eyebrow/eyelid. I went back and asked about it, but the practitioner (a renown dermatologist)did not... READ MORE

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B2tru2life, are you applying moist heat to your eyes whenever possible? even a ceramic cup with hot water in it--place the outside of the cup against your eyes, it will help them feel better, even if only temporarily. I think it helps... READ COMMENT

It's coming up to two years since I got the botox shots that went awry. I am currently using Restasis (the single vial form) and, because it isn't covered by insurance, I store the opened vial in the fridge in a clean sandwich bag and... READ COMMENT

I had botox injected above my eye almost two years ago which created a ptotic droop. If I massage above the brow it sort of lifts up, oddly enough. The botox damage never did fully heal, though. The doctors who say it will go away in... READ COMMENT

It's been almost 13 months since I had the botox that set off the awful dry eye. I stopped taking the B12 a long time ago because I started getting heart palpitations (not sure if there was a connection, but I was taking really high... READ COMMENT

I have been to about 4 different doctors. Unfortunately dry eye as a result of botox is not officially recognized. My current dermatologist, however, affirmed that it was indeed possible to happen. I have to go to an eye doctor in... READ COMMENT