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How Likely is Scarring with Radiesse?

I was told that Radiesse was very safe with no "real" risks involved. I had it injected into a wrinkle in my forehead. I have since learned that you can develop lumps and even... READ MORE

Can Perlane Injections Be Reversed?

I want to have Perlyne injected into my nose to mask a bump. Can I "undo" the injection if I don't like the results? READ MORE

Is Using a Laser to Remove Spider Veins 100% Effective?

I have heard the AFT laser can help but how much? I am only 29 but do want to have surgery for removal. If the AFT laser is not the best option what is? READ MORE

New Cellulite Removal Procedure?

I Heard There Was a New Procedure That Will Be out Soon That Gets Rid of Cellulite. What is It Called? READ MORE

Name of an Upcoming Cellulite Cure That Involves Injections?

I am a 29 year old female wanting to eliminate my mild to moderate cellulite. I heard of a treatment that in the works that will completely get rid of this problem. Wondering... READ MORE

Shrink Pores? Oily Skin.

I have VERY oily skin. The kind that no product has have ever helped, not even Retin A. Since turning 30 my pores have become enlarged. There is no visible debri build up in... READ MORE

I'm thrilled with implant exchange but is it normal to have quite a bit of tenderness in breasts 6 months after an exchange?

I am a 35 year old woman that had 260 cc silicone implants placed behind the muscle one year ago, not happy with the size I had an exchange surgery using 350 cc silicone... READ MORE