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Uneven Swelling After Bullhorn Lip Lift

Bulhorn lip lift - I had mine 3 days ago. Is uneven swelling (nostrils) common? I know it's too early to look in the mirror, but my nose and the area from my nose to my lip is... READ MORE

Should You Get a Corner Lift with a Lip Lift?

Is it recommended? Can it be done at a later time (after the lip lift.) Is there a procedure for the lower lip? READ MORE

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If you have a general then you are always required to have someone stay with you that night, with any procedure. The lip lift isn't like a face lift or rhinoplasty that require special care or anything that would change your mobility -... READ COMMENT

I wanted a local because I hate general anesthesia and I am not squicked out by needles or anything, but he said no dice and that I "would hate him if he didn't put me out". So he did the lip lift under general. (Again, I had the muscle... READ COMMENT

Sandy, I believe it was around 5K - but I also paid for a hotel nearby that night and I may be including that and something else when I'm thinking of the total . (I live 2 hours away.) I did not do the corner lift, the bottom lip... READ COMMENT

Sandy, is this in response to me? My doctor was Dr. Harry Glassman, in Beverly Hills. Not Cheap, so keep that in mind. He's probably comparable to Haworth, and then are both near each other in BH. I like him because he won't do a... READ COMMENT

For me, no - but it took MONTHS for all the swelling to go down. Until then, there is some nostril distortion. (I had the surgery where the muscle was removed also so there should be no stretching back.) Now, if you look really... READ COMMENT