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Questions from lena75

Can Teoysal Be Dissolved in the Jowls Area Around the Jawline?

I had it injected for the jowls but it wasnt really that bad as iam only 38, but now it has changed my jawline shape adding unattractive volume and shape and i look worse than... READ MORE

My Teoysal Filler Did Not Dissolve with the Hyaluronidase Why?

I had hyaluronidase to dissolve teoysal deep lines filler around the jowls/jaw line area sides of mouth ect.. but it still looks the same after 2 attempts i dont know why its... READ MORE

Teosyal injected on jawline 5yrs back. Tried to dissolve but left me with thick volume. Is it scar tissue or fat? (Photo)

It looks like I have thick jowls . I have had a macs lift which has done nothing to improve it. My surgeon is contemplating on removing fat from jawline to thin it out but iam... READ MORE

What procedure is recommended to define my jawline and have an oval shape Look? (photos)

I had a macs lift and iam extremely dissapointed my jawline chin, neck mouth corners look the same if not worse than before. How can I get rid of this look around my jawline. I... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected to mouth corner marionette dissolve twice with hyalaise discoloration left, what is this? (photo)

2 months back I had Juvederm in my mouth corners/ marionette it was injected superficial and I had tyndal effect. I went to the same doc to have it dissolved, looked a little... READ MORE

Do your teeth have to be straight to have a chin implant? (Photo)

Iam thinking to get a chin implant but I don't have straight teeth does it matter? Just want to add more definition to my jawline. I have a gap in pre jowl sulcas area and poor... READ MORE

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Ive read about your experience with perlane and actually ive just had my upper cheeks done with it, at first i thought it looked good but after all the swelling subsided it was a different story, i have greyish discoloration on my... READ COMMENT