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If my Revision Rhinoplasty Resolved Some Issues, but Caused Others, Should I See the Same Surgeon Again?

He sees the upturn, nostril show and the nostril assymetry, and is willing to revise (for a reduced fee-- not free), but if he promised me no upturn originally, should I go... READ MORE

Is Ear Cartilage a Proven Material for Alar Rim Grafting?

I only have ear cartiledge left and don't want to use rib. I had my right nostril alar notching improved with a septal graft but it might not have been strong enough... READ MORE

Swelling - Perlane Injected Along the Brow Bone, Under the Eyebrow and Leading into the Temple?

I had my undereyes injected with restalyn and my plastic surgeon suggested I have my browbone feathered into my temple injected with perlane. Four days later I still have... READ MORE

I Am 5 Days Post Op from a Rib Revision. When Will The Swelling Subside?

I just got cast off and while the tip was derotated well and nostrils look great, my nose looks like a long molded chunk of playdoh stuck onto my face. I did not have grafts on... READ MORE

What Are the Negative Effects of Flying 9 Days After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I have heard that one could develop a nosebleed and should bring Afrin aboard to stop it. Other info has mentioned prespraying your nose with Afrin before boarding. Would it be... READ MORE