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Deep Plane Face Lift - Oregon

It has been 2 weeks after the face-lift. My face feels Pulled back,, & VERY TIGHT. Neck is tight. I actually looked pulled back, even though the doctor indicated that deep plane lift do not result in pulled back look. His before & after pictures looked good. He has had 20 years of... READ MORE

Finally Did It! - San Antonio, TX

I've been wanting an arm lift for a really long time. I've been very fearful of the dreaded armlift scars. Unlike a tummy tuck or butt lift, you can't hide the scars & what's the point of getting an arm lift if you have to wear long sleeves anyway if you have to hide the scars. But, I... READ MORE

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Can You Do a Obagi Blue Peel on Dark Tan/olive/ Skin W/ Some Hyper-pigmentation on Face?

I am in my late 40's & have dark-tan/olive skin. Can I get a blue peel with out EXTRA hyperpigmentation to the skin. My purpose is to tighten skin, decrease fine... READ MORE

Facelift After Fat Grafting?

I Had Fat Grafting 5 Weeks Ago. Now I Would Like Deep Plane Face Lift to Lift my Jowls & I am 52 years old & although I love the fat grafting I had about 5 weeks ago,... READ MORE

Sculptra Breakout - 1 Month After Injection?

I had sculptra 2 years after facial fat transfer. The fat transfer I had in my face did not stay, so I had radiesse a year later, & touch up 6 monthlater. I wanted to get... READ MORE

Do I need short incision or long incision arm lift? (Photo)

I am a size 4 & Had liposuction on the back of my arms 4 years ago. This left me with loose skin. I would like to go sleeveless, but am embarressed by my loose skin. The toned... READ MORE

Does Thermitight (Internal Radiofrequency-via incision) work? Vs. mini-brachioplasty vs. full arm lift? (photo)

What's the best for me? I had liposuction a few years back on my arms & this left me with loose skin under my arms. What procedure would be best for me? Thermi-tight, mini... READ MORE

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I just had a deep plane face lift 2 weeks ago, and my face looks pulled back

I had a deep plane facelift 2 weeks ago. My face looks pulled back/stretched & I look like I have a "plastic face". What can I do to correct this? Will this ever go away? if... READ MORE

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Good luck! I know that you will have a great outcome! Your lucky that you have your hubby with you. :) READ COMMENT

By the way, take micropore tape & antibiotic cream/gel in case you have openings, you can put the antibiotic gel & micropore tape to cover the openings. READ COMMENT

Note: I only stayed in Texas for 10 days & flew home. Then 10 days later (approximately 3 weeKS from surgery ) I went to San Francisco. I was feeling great at 3 weeks. READ COMMENT

Hi. My recovery was ok, considering I flew out there by myself & had no help. I stayed 1 night at the hospital. I also had a thighlift. I may need a slight revision on the thighlift. I didn't need anyone staying with me &... READ COMMENT

I just got my thighlift about 7 weeks ago. I had 2 spots that opened up & I'll probably get some scarring on that area. But I just got some dermablend & it's helped hide the scars that are well healed. The dermablend doesn't... READ COMMENT