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Causes Fat Atrophy and Skin Sagging- Nightmare Procedure - Mississauga, ON

I had the Ultherapy procedure done in December. The procedure was recommended to me by a surgeon who told me that it would help to reduce the buccal fat in my lower cheeks. He said one of the little known effects of Ultherapy is its ability to dissolve some fat (depending on which layers of the skin are treated). I had this procedure done and it has been the worst decision of my life. The... READ MORE

Not Worth it with the Risks

Last week, I had Juvederm placed in under my eyes in the tear trough region to get rid of my dark circles. The procedure itself was almost painless and took less then 10 minutes for both eyes. I only had a bit of swelling and no bruising after the procedure. However, a few days after, I discovered a hard nodule in my left cheek about the size of a quarter. some of the filler that was placed... READ MORE

Questions from analei14

Can Cheek Augmentation with Fillers Be Used for Nasolabial Folds?

I underwent an upper jaw advancement surgery to correct and underbite issue and I was left with some edema around the sides of my nose that has created the appearance of... READ MORE

Nodules from Juvederm Developed Under the Eyes

I had Juvederm injected into my tear throught area a week ago and everything went fine with little swelling and no bruising. Yesterday, i felt a hard nodule in my left cheek,... READ MORE

Can Under Eye Juvederm Affect Lymphatic Drainage in the Face?

Can Juvederm under the eyes can hinder normal lymphatic drainage in the undereye and surrounding area? I get monthly lymphatic drainage sessions to manage some transient facial... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Hyaluronidase Injections in Toronto or GTA Area

Hello, I was just wondering if there are any plastic surgeons or dermatologists in Toronto, or area, who are experienced in the use of hyaluronidase? I recently had under eye... READ MORE

Cost of Hyaluronidase Under the Eyes?

I had juvaderm injections under my eyes with undesirable results-the teat trough area was overfilled, and I was left with a lump in my left cheek from Juvaderm that was... READ MORE

How To Tackle Resolving Excess Facial Swelling from Juvaderm Under Eyes?

A few years back I had surggery on my upper jaw and was left with some degree of residual edema from the procedure. About 8 months ago I had Juvaderm injected in the tear... READ MORE

Can Anyone Tell Me What Could Lead to a Worsening of Lymphedema After Juvaderm Injections? Is Hyaluronidase For Me?

I had upper jaw surgery 3 years ago which left me with residual edema in my midface. About 10 months ago, I resolved to get undereye Juvaderm injections. Following the... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for a Chin Augmentation or Fillers? (photo)

I have undergone an upper jaw surgery several years ago, which left my chin and my lower face somewhat retruded. I had been advised prior to my jaw surgery that a chin implant... READ MORE

At an ideal weight but have rounder face. Would buccal fat removal be preferable to a cheekbone augmentation? (photo)

I was looking to improve the look of my cheeks by getting cheekbone augmentation, however a doctor has suggested Buccal Fat removal for me. I am currently at an ideal weight... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal or Fillers? (photo)

I had an Ultheraphy procedure done that dissolved fat in my upper and middle cheek and in the area around my nose . The bottom part of my cheeks have not been affected by the... READ MORE

Recent comments from analei14

Hi, I have consided this as this is one of the only things that I cold think of that would cause my lower cheeks to look fuller after the procedure READ COMMENT

Hi, I am so sorry to hear that you have gone thrught this. I had ultherpay and have experience all that you have been through. The decision to get this procedure done was a really bad one. At this point, I am trying to find solutions to... READ COMMENT

Hi mypanama, that was exactly what I had anticipated, based on what I was told by this doctor, however what actually resulted was exactly the opposite READ COMMENT

Hi I know that the procedure done was with the Ulthera and not Thermage. The doctor said that fat reduction is not a commonly known effect of Ulthera but that Ulthera can cause fat to dissolve if the laser is used at a specific... READ COMMENT

The procedure was mainly focused on my lower face around my jaw line and my mid cheeks around my nose. Ironically the bottom part of my face appears to be fuller then before while the top looks flatter. READ COMMENT