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Please Don't Do It! - Florida

Had a series of 100 dollar injections 20 years ago, when there were no alternatives like restylane. looked great for 10 years. the job was well done at first. men flocked to me. now they don't even look twice. all the silicone is sagging, leaving me looking 10 years older than my age. my cheeks are sagging into jowls. my chin is sagging. the injections seem to have swollen with time. my... READ MORE

First Time Dysport User - Florida

I have had botox on my forehead wrinkles many times ~ no side effects except for a slight droopy lid when the doc used too much. this time i was given dysport, and in a new location: crow's feet. both sides bled and the doctor seemed flustered by this. probably because he knew that he hit a vein and i would end up with a BAD headache. about 6 hours later, the pressure started in my temples... READ MORE

Questions from veinpain

Any Southeastern FL Surgeons Willing to Remove Silicone Injections? Lips, Chin, Cheeks...

My regular surgeon isn't experienced with this issue and he has been very dismissive of my concerns over the years, even though the situation is worsening. I was injected... READ MORE

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Run on sentence much? As I have tried to explain before, this website is not a resource in which you will find black market services advertised. I'm sure a moderator would concur. Therefore, you will not find what you are looking for... READ COMMENT

Perhaps English is not your first language because co-signing is something you do on a loan. If you are accusing me of signing in as someone else, that is quite amusing. If two people happen to agree, that means we must be one in the... READ COMMENT

EyeCandii, has it occurred to you that ANY black market substance is illegal for a reason? If the plethora of horror stories on here and in the media (do your research!) aren't credible enough for you, then go to town. You will regret... READ COMMENT

Would you mind telling us approx how much this cost you? READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing. wow, that is pricey but worth saving for if it's successful. you are right, most surgeons who won't touch injections. i have asked if lipo was possible and was told no, because the silicone hardens between the layers... READ COMMENT