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Micro Liposuction to the Face (Cheeks) - Charlotte, NC

I had micro liposuction to the cheeks to correct a fat grafting procedure that resulted in a chubby look. The procedure was painless (under general anesthesia) and I never took any pain meds. My face was numb within the procedure area for weeks, but subsided with each week, and completely went away after 3 months. I couldn't be happier with the results, it's amazing how something that... READ MORE

Don't Do It! Gave Me a Chubby/pig Look After Fat to the Cheeks

I had a fat transfer procedure done 3 months ago to the cheeks and I'm praying it will all dissolve and go away. However, I'm already consulting another plastic surgeon to see what they can do to correct the pig look this fat grafting did. I wish I did more research to realize that the satisfaction rating for this procedure is very low. I had fat placed in my cheeks and trust me, it... READ MORE

Radiesse to the Chin - 40 Year Old Male

Had this done yesterday and I have to say the shots were somewhat painful, at least a lot more than I expected. My chin is really stiff right now, and it sort of made my mouth look weird, almost like I have false teeth where your mouth looks small and sunken. I do not like it and I would not do this again. I guess I have 1 year of looking like this before this stuff fades. Glad to report that... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty & Fat Grafting 40 Year Old Male

Had my surgery yesterday, and all went as planned. Left the hospital at 5 pm and felt fine. Last night was pretty rough though, the worst part is the dry mouth and lips. I could barely breath at times because my mouth was so dry, and I can't breath through my nose. Part of my nose is also still bleeding slightly, which will hopefully subside soon. The pain is really minimal, almost no... READ MORE

Questions from Nick_Male_40

Is There a Way to Speed Up Radiesse Absorption?

Is there anything I can do to speed up the absorption? I had shots to my chin yesterday and it looks bigger than I was expecting and sort of made my mouth look weird, like I... READ MORE

How Long After Rhinoplasty Can You Start Exercising?

How long should I wait to start exercising after rhinoplasty? I had my procedure exactly 15 days ago and have had no issues whatsoever, no bleeding, no pain, just numbness. READ MORE

Best Procedure for Reversing Fat Grafting to the Cheeks?

I had fat grafting to my cheeks on May 22, 2010 and it looks pretty awful. I look like I have a chubby face. It has gone down since having this done, but not enough. Three... READ MORE

If Silikon 1000 is a Good Permanent Solution (Eye Trough Area), Why Use Other Fillers?

I see a lot about Silikon 1000 as a permanent filler for treatment of the under eye area, such as the eye trough. It also has a very high rating on here at 89% positive.... READ MORE

Treatment for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

What is the recommended treatment for Sebaceous Hyperplasia? READ MORE

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Hi Ruga, I'm afraid I have no idea who much was used. It's been 5 years now since I had it done. READ COMMENT

I did micro-liposuction and it worked well. I would have preferred the doctor to be a bit more aggressive in what was removed, but he didn't want to take too much considering your face thins out as you get older. I'm just glad I don't... READ COMMENT

Do not underestimate the difference a doctor skilled in the specific technique can make. A lot of cosmetic doctors offer a variety of procedures, but like any other service offering you have in you day-today life, some skills/services... READ COMMENT

Hi NYTN: I did micro-lipo and I don't have any bumps at all. I already posted before and after pics, so you should be able to see them, let me know if you can't for some reason. As for price, I think I paid $3K. I know how you feel... READ COMMENT