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Miracle Drug That Saved my Face & Self Esteem - Upstate, NY

Accutane worked miracles on my skin. It would be a shame if this drug got a bad rap- I personally had NO suicidal thoughts, depression or any of the other negative things people talk about. On the contrary, I was happy and ecstatic to see my cystic acne fading away!! I actually welcomed the dry skin and lips, it was a refreshing change. I stand behind Accutane 100% and am so thankful this... READ MORE

My Not So Drastic Reduction from D Cup to B? (Hopefully)

I have been seriously thinking about this breast reduction for a couple of years now. I am one of the millions of un-insured in this country so I will be paying out of pocket for this procedure, which I pray to god is going to be worth it!!! I am currently a full D cup. I have gained some weight over the years and alot of it got distributed to my chest. I am described as "voluptuous"... READ MORE

This Was the Best Thing I Have Ever Done for Myself

I have been wearing glasses from the time I was a small child. I got to the point where I was living in my extended wear lenses. I also had astigmatism. The Lasik changed my life. Yes I know it sounds dramatic, but It is true. I would have paid anything to get my sight to this. The procedure was a little freaky, yes & I wish I had been given maybe a valium or something, but I wasnt... READ MORE

Questions from herban_cowgirl

Would Breast Calcifications Showing on a Mammogram Inhibit my Breast Reduction Surgery?

I had a recent mammogram and the Dr. at the hospital had me come back for another mammogram and an ultrasound. No definitive masses were noted, but there were calcifications... READ MORE

Is There a Way my Dr. Can Delay my Period So I Wont Have It for my Breast Reduction Surgery?

It appears I will be getting my period about a day or 2 into my recovery after a breast reduction. I really dont want the extra hassle of dealing with this as I'm trying to... READ MORE

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Can the experienced ladies help me with a BR checklist of things I will need after surgery?

I am scheduled for my BR surgery April 5th. I would like to start getting the things I will need to be comfortable and to help my healing process. Can you ladies make a list of... READ MORE

What did you wear while you are recovering from BR?

I just read on someones review that their Dr. told them to get a bunch of camisoles. I didnt realize you can lift up your arms to get these over your head. I bought some zip-up... READ MORE

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Oh Aimeee you look FANTASTIC!! you are healing so quickly and I'm so happy for you!! READ COMMENT

Well looky at you Ms. THING!!! LOL congrats!! welcome to the other side! You made it sistah!!! And look great!!!!! READ COMMENT

Hi Ladies! Thanks so much for the encouragement, I'm really feeling down this week & need it!! Not to say I regret the operation by any means, I just feel alot crappier than I expected. My boyfriend has no idea what I look like... READ COMMENT

(((Good luck Kate))))!!! Will be thinking of you tomorrow! I know you will be just fine!!! READ COMMENT

Just around the corner!! I hope you get the size you want! As I understand, they may not be able to go too small with a large reduction like yours if it compromises the blood supply. I'm sure your surgeon will give you the best... READ COMMENT