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How to Help Nerve Damage After Mid Facelift?

I had a mid face lift about 5 years ago and unfortunately was left with muscle/nerve damage near my nose which affects my nostrils. What might improve my problem - excessive... READ MORE

Nasal Wall Collapse and Excessive Flare After Mid Face Lift

I have been left with nasal collapse on inhalation and excessive flare and movement when talking and smiling, following a mid face lift 5 years ago. What procedures may help... READ MORE

Using Fillers for Weak Elongated Nostrils

I posted a question previously about nerve damage after a mid face lift. I had a little filler injected under my nares the other day and it seems to be holding them open. Is... READ MORE

Not Getting Procedures Signed for

Three days ago I signed and prepaid for a lower face lift, neck lift and fat grafting and when I woke up from the GA, I had not had the neck lift done. Whilst the lower face... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Deal with Loose Crepey Skin in the Lower Neck Area?

I have had upper neck lift /lower face lift but the skin further down the neck is still loose and old looking and my neck and face now do not match. READ MORE

Is It Possible to Do a Skin-only Lift for Lower Neck?

A couple of plastic surgery nurses have suggested a skin only lift for my loose and crepey lower neck, with the scar mid central at the back of the neck. What is this called... READ MORE

Results of Face and Neck Lift

I am three weeks post SMAS face lift, submentoplasty and fat grafting. I have a nice new jaw line, scars under my chin(good) and inside, above and behind my ears( all good) but... READ MORE

Neck Bands After Face Lift/neck Lift(?)

I had a SMAS face lift 5 weeks ago and I have scars on my tragus, behind my ears and under my chin. However I now have very visible strong banding in my neck which I did not... READ MORE

Tissue Loss After Fat Grafting

I had a face lift and fat grafting last August 2010. In all the places where I had the fat grafting, especially under my eyes where I had minimal hollows, some of my own... READ MORE

1 Month Post Lower Blepharoplasty: Concerns

My husband had a secondary lower blepharoplasty to repair slight ectropian nearly 4 weeks ago and is very concerned about the outcome. He has been performing the required... READ MORE

Paranasal Hypertrophy- What Are My Options?

I have recently had a lovely face and neck lift but due to aging, I am experiencing bone resorption in my maxilla causing a sunken look at the base of the nose. I am aware of... READ MORE

What Paranasal Filler Options Do I Have, Such as Bone and Tissue, other than an Implant?

I have some obvious sinking in the paranasal area due to bone loss and perhaps tissue loss too. I wish to avoid implants and wondered whether bone fillers such as... READ MORE

Naso Labial Filler and Now I Have a Fold?

I had 2 cc's of fillers placed laterally above my naso labial line ( I had no fold, just a wrinkle) and now I have a fold. What would be the best way to address this now... READ MORE

Concerns about encapsulated breast implants. Any suggestions?

I had breast implants placed about 17 years ago and they have completely contracted. I would like to have them removed and replaced or even just removed with a small breast... READ MORE

Brown spots on hands. What's the best treatment?

I have had a few treatments, both laser and cold spray on my brown spots and they come back again after a few weeks. Is there any treatment modality that I can try? I have very... READ MORE

What's the best way to treat very thin skin?

I have extremely thin skin- paper thin. I am worried it will not last me out to be honest, as the slightest knock causes tearing. I have always been like this but age is also... READ MORE

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Have you had other facial work as well? Your eyes look great! READ COMMENT

It was not a surgeon in Boston whom I went to but somebody who had just been trained in his particular procedure.What sort of problems did you have?I had lower eyelid pulling and nerve damage which caused my nose to move around when I... READ COMMENT

I agree with er nurse. Not a good procedure. READ COMMENT

In my case, strictly from the mid face lift READ COMMENT

Yes, please do! READ COMMENT