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What Should I Do to Help Results from Brazilian Butt Lift?

If I am to have a Brazilian butt lift ( fat trasfer) what should I do to help the fat live and remain nicely on my butt? READ MORE

Will Velashape or Massage Help Lumps from Liposuction?

I recently had Liposuction to my abdomen and flanks done 11 days ago. The doctor said i should massage the areas. though very painful I do but was wondering if Velashape would... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get Rid of my Internal Scar Tissue After Liposuction?

Im 2 weeks out of surgery is there anything I can do or treatment I should get to make these knots and ropey feeling scars underneath my skin go away? should i use a cream or... READ MORE

Will Velashape or Ultrasound Harm Results from Lipo and Fat Transfer?

Had lipo to abs as well fat transfer to buttocks. Can I do velashape or external ultrasound for internal scar tissue? How long should I wait to use these treatments? Will they... READ MORE

1 Week Post Lipo To Arms- What's The Best Way To Heal Correctly? Any Movements To Avoid?

What movements should i avoid when recovering from arm liposuction? I have had liposuction to the arms 1 week ago. now i feel tightness and its hard to reach things above my... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Op from Arm and Under Arm Liposuction-How To Tame Tightness?

 Will Wear my Garment for at Least  3 Weeks. I feel a lot of tightness in arms ( the undersides) and in my armpits which where also treated. its been two weeks and it... READ MORE

Im looking for a procedure that will tighten the skin around my mouth and lower jawline.

Im relatively young and am looking for something to tighten skin that isn't invasive. I've heard of Thermage and Thermitight are good but can melt fat in the face. What would... READ MORE

During treatments, how does a doctor ensure that they are not delivering the ultrasound heat into the fat layer?

What settings on the Ultherapy machine should a patient be weary of? I have minimal skin droopiness. The only things notice is the shadows around my mouth and chin line are... READ MORE

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Have your tried a second treatment? I've heard you really need 2 treatment to get desirable results. I cant really see a difference in the before and after pics of this 1st treatment. READ COMMENT

I actually would like to know the name of the doctor so I can avoid him/her. READ COMMENT

Definitely cant wait to see your after surgery pics READ COMMENT

What is the password for mmh pictures? Ive heard alot about this doctor but I think the before and after pics are more helpful READ COMMENT

Have you tried ultrasound and massage ? initially i had a lot of scar tissue in my arms to the point I couldn't even lift them and they were ropey. about 2 to 3 weeks after surgery I went to a physical therapist who did lots and lots... READ COMMENT