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Accutane and Rhinoplasty

I was hoping to have a rhinoplasty procedure done in the fall, I'm thinking for an alar base reduction but I've not had a consultation. The problem is, I have an ethnic nose... READ MORE

How Difficult is an Alar Base Reduction?

I was wondering, how risky is have an alar base reduction done? I've heard the doctor must be very precise to make sure the two nostrils are even, but is this a more difficult... READ MORE

Accutane to Thin Skin for an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

I want to have a rhinoplasty done. I understand that this will be difficult as I have oily, thick skin. Would it be beneficial, realistic for my doctor to prescribe Accutane to... READ MORE

Will Alar Base Reduction Make Bulbous Tip Worse?

I have an oily, thick nose with what I consider a wide nostril base. I was considering having an alar base reduction but i've heard the swelling from rhinoplasty never fully... READ MORE

Anything I Can Do to Help Results from Tip Plasty?

I have a slightly bulbous tip and would like to fix it. it will be especially difficult as I have an oily thick nasal skin. I heard that this can cause bumps in the cartilage... READ MORE

Would You Recomment Fibrin Glue to Be Used During Rhinoplasty?

I have a thick, oily nasal skin and am undergoing rhinoplasty surgery in about a month. My doctor plans on refining the tip and narrowing the nose, in general, as well as an... READ MORE

7 Days Post Op and Nose is Crooked, What Could Have Caused this?

I had a septorhinoplasty done 7 days ago and upon the cast coming off I've noticed that the bottom part of my nose is veered slightly to one side.Other than that,I love the... READ MORE

Should I Have a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I got a septorhinoplasty during which the doctor gave me an alar base reduction as well as narrowed the tip. Immediately after surgery my nose looked great, but in months... READ MORE

To Have a Revision or Not to Have a Revision? (photo)

I had a septorhino 1+ yr ago and since about a week post-op, my nose has seemed to be more crooked (was perfectly symmetrical before surgery). The septum looks slanted now and... READ MORE

Crooked Septum Post Op?

I had a septorhinoplasty 1+ year ago and since about a week post op, my septum has seemed to slant in one direction (was symmetrical before surgery) causing my nose to look... READ MORE

I had a septorhinoplasty 2 yrs ago, and now my nose is crooked. Do I require more surgery? (photo)

I had a septorhinoplasty 2 yrs ago, and now my nose is crooked. My doc wants to correct the problem, but im afraid of making it worse. What's more, I feel as though my jaw... READ MORE

Would veneers help create a more natural smile for me? (photos)

I've got a weird smile that doesnt quite look right. I feel as though my teeth may be too small for my face or something. Also, when my mouth is at rest but slightly ajar, you... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a chin reduction surgery? (Photo)

I have a very large and prominent chin, which kind of protrudes and looks bigger and more masculine particularly when I smile. I'm wondering if there are any good methods for... READ MORE

Would a 2nd revision rhinoplasty be beneficial for me given my thick nasal skin and previous negative experiences? (Photo)

I had a septorhinoplasty 2+ years ago to mostly reduce a bulbous tip. however,post op my nose was crooked (wasnt prior to all this) and so in dec 2014 we did a revision to try... READ MORE

What would be the best procedure to correct my smile? (Photo)

When smiling, my chin looks very masculine and large and my teeth look like they are too small for my face. This is something that has bothered me, but I'm not sure what... READ MORE

Is a second Revision Rhinoplasty a good option for me? (photos)

Had septorhinoplasty, which left my septum deviated (hadnt been prior),then had a revision last year to correct that deviation. Now my nose is even MORE crooked and I'm very... READ MORE

Is fixing the bottom of the septum possible without grafts? (photos)

I am considering a 2nd revision rhinoplasty because of a deviated septum. I am very apprehensive about grafts because I do NOT want my nose to appear larger and do not have... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion and Fat grafting

I may be getting a septum repair in the coming months, and was considering fat grafting to my face at the same time. If I was to get microdermabrasion and/or start the use of... READ MORE

Given my operative report/pics, what procedures seem appropriate in your professional opinion?how realistic is success? (photos)

Need some insight about 2nd revision septorhinoplasty. Had a primary septorhino in 2012 and after surgery my septum was crooked (wasnt crooked prior). In 2014 I had a... READ MORE

Genioplasty or something different? (photos)

I've got a chin that is not very feminine, it is wider and longer than I would like. This is especially apparent when I smile. I'm wondering if this could be improved with a... READ MORE

Are my teeth/bite in alignment? What can be done post braces? (photos)

Background info provided with pics, but in short I'm unhappy with my smile and I feel like it looks awkward. As far as I can discern, my teeth seem too small/smile isnt wide... READ MORE

Apprehensive about second revision septorhinoplasty. Pics and operative notes attached (photos)

Had septorhinoplasty in 2011 (septum was straight prior to any surgery). Post op my nose was crooked, so I had a revision in Dec 2014. Post revision my septum is still crooked... READ MORE

What can be done to correct my smile short of veneers? (photos)

I had braces in hs, but about 10 years later I really hate my smile. My theory is that I perhaps dont have enough show of my top central incisors and/or that my teeth are... READ MORE

What would be the best skin rejuvenation technique for me?

I'm 24 years old with clear skin but some light discoloration and acne scars, as well as mild wrinkles, particularly under eye and nasolabial folds. I have thick, oily skin as... READ MORE

How can my smile be improved?

The problem with my smile itself is speculation, so its hard for me to discern the issue in the first place or ways to address it. (please see pics and side notes for... READ MORE

Is genioplasty surgery a good option for me? (Photo)

I believe my chin is too large for my face. Please see pics and side notes for more info. I've heard about a reduction genioplasty vs jaw shaving but dont think i really... READ MORE

Can I have fat transfer, 2nd revision septorhinoplasty, and fillers done at the same time?

I have a 2nd revision septorhinoplasty scheduled for August. I was thinking that I would like to have autologous fat transfer and/or combination of synthetic fillers done at... READ MORE

How do I know if I've had a nasal valve collapse? (photo)

I had a septorhinoplasty, followed by a revision. Attached with pics are my operative notes. question is, my doctor thinks its possible that i have a valve stenosis. Is there a... READ MORE

How to show more upper teeth when smiling?

I've always been uncomfortable with my smile. in repose, there is zero tooth show and both vertically and horizontally my smile looks small and lacks proper tooth show. I've... READ MORE

Orthognathic surgery xrays?

My upper teeth don't show when I smile and I have breathing issues. My doctor said that I may need orthognathic surgery, but that I would need xrays. In order to determine the... READ MORE

Bite Misallignment and Smile Makeover?

My brother in law is a dentist and he suspects that my bite may be misaligned. I had braces in high school but now my teeth dont show when I smile and my bite just looks weird.... READ MORE

Why don't my teeth show enough when I smile?

When I smile, my teeth-particularly central incisors-dont show as much vertically as I would like. there are also spaces, my chin gets very wide and long, with fat/muscle... READ MORE

Female forehead reduction. Why are grafts viewed as unnatural looking?

I am 27/f, w/thin, curly hair, and would Ideally like about 1.5-2 cm in reduction of my forehead. From photos I've seen, a transplant or a combination of that and hairline... READ MORE

Follow-up: I have a large forehead, and have always worn bangs. Hair transplant vs surgery vs nothing at all? 28/f (photo)

Would really like to have a decrease of about 2 cm, but I'm concerned because I, a. strongly dislike the short forehead appearance of surgery (see photos), and would need to... READ MORE

Need opinions on orthognathic/dental issue (Photo)

28/f, had braces at 15. My nose is crooked due to deviated septum, but besides that issue, my chin is very wide and long, particularly when smiling, and has presumably... READ MORE

Primary septorhinoplasty in 2012, septum still crooked after. Performed a revision. Still crooked after revision.

Doc says I need a 2nd revision, and he feels he can correct the deviation and remove scar tissue. I've had steroid injections before, months post op. He mentioned doing them... READ MORE

28 year old, female. Genioplasty vs orthognathic surgery vs smile makeover? Photos and Xrays. (Photos)

When I smile, my chin looks wide and long, and there are what appear to be fat/muscle deposits under my bottom lip on each side. Furthermore, there isnt enough show of my top... READ MORE

28 year old, female. Hair transplant vs forehead reduction or both?

I want to lower my hairline by about 1.5 inches due to a disproportionately large forehead. I dont have any female hair loss issues, but the high corners are getting thinner.... READ MORE

25 year old female. Best technique for under eye bags and wrinkles?

I've had dark circles under my eyes since I was about 13, so it appears to be a genetic issue. In the last few years, I've also begun to develop wrinkles under my eyes. What... READ MORE

Is my bite the reason I lack upper tooth show when smiling? (Photos)

I had braces in school, am 28 now. A few years ago I also had my two lateral incisors bonded to fill in spaces between my teeth. Now I feel like my lateral incisors are crooked... READ MORE

How much would it cost to get braces or orthodontic work? (Photo)

28/f. Had braces in high school but now my upper teeth have some spacing and due to some bonding on my lateral incisors to fill some of that space, my teeth are now sort of... READ MORE

What can I do to aesthetically improve my smile? Can bonding be undone? Would prefer to avoid veneers or lumineers. (Photos)

25/f, had braces at age 14-16. In 2012, I had bonding on my lateral incisors to fill in spaces. Now, my concern is that when smiling my central incisors don't show as much as... READ MORE

Need insight. What can I do for a nicer smile and better facial proportions? (Photo)

28/f. I have a flat mid face with a chin that is long, wide, and dimpled (especially long when smiling). My teeth do not show when at rest with mouth slightly open, and there... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a lip lift or anything else? (Photo)

28/f. I'm unhappy with aesthetics of my smile, but unsure if lip lift would be suitable. I have about 40% upper tooth show when smiling and my lip doesnt reach the gumline,... READ MORE

Do I need a lefort 1? (Photo)

I am a 28/f. I have midface deficiency and a large chin and my upper incisors only show about 40% when smiling, zero tooth show when not smiling but relaxed with mouth open. I... READ MORE

How would malar implants affect the aesthetics of my face?

I have a deficient mid face with very flat cheeks and in my 20s (female) am starting to develop jowls. Further, my upper incisors show about 40% when smiling and 0% at rest... READ MORE

Any good reason not to get a lower bleph?

26/f. I have genetic bags under my eyes, as well as a slight deficiency in my midface. I was considering either fillers, cheek implants, or a lower bleph. I know drs recommend... READ MORE

Had multiple consultations and still have no idea what to do about my face. Do I need implants or surgery or braces? (Photo)

28/f. Have mild hypoplasia, flat cheeks, etc. main concern is that my upper incisors only show about 40% when smiling, and 0% in repose, which imo gives a undesirable look.Im... READ MORE

Reduction genioplasty vs mandibular setback? (Photo)

28/f. My teeth seem to be in alignment, however I believe I have an underdeveloped jaw and because of it my teeth do not show when smiling and my chin is excessively large... READ MORE

Follow-Up: How would a maxillary advancement affect my face? (photo)

I think I have an undeveloped maxilla and am looking into either orthognathic surgery or epigenetic orthodontics. If I underwent either of these two procedures, how would this... READ MORE

Can an underdeveloped maxilla be corrected with facial implants? (photos)

28/f. My maxilla is slightly underdeveloped which doesnt affect me medically, however results aesthetically in sunken cheeks, bags under eyes, and a low smile line that shows... READ MORE

Is saline a good option for testing out the look of cheek implants?

28/f. In September I will be having my septum straightened and I was interested in also getting cheek implants during that same surgery. I realize that fillers would be a good... READ MORE

Will a reduction genioplasty address the issue of skin dimpling? (photos)

29/f. I have a large (vertically and horizontally) chin, that looks about 70% bigger when smiling. Skin texture also possesses that "orange peel" or "golf ball" effect of... READ MORE

Not enough tooth show when smiling, is a lip lift my only option?

My smile feels tight and forced my upper lip gets taut and recedes into my mouth.visited an oral surgeon who says my bite looks ok, didnt recommend anything. Is there any... READ MORE

Any decent alternative to a lip lift if I can't live with the scar? Have had many consultations with varying opinions (photo)

28/f. My concern is that I dont have enough incisor show (approx 40% when smiling, none in repose). My upper lip is about 21-22mm, so right at the cusp of average. When... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for chin reduction and can that procedure help skin dimpling? (photos)

29/f. My chin is large both vertically and horiztonally and gets about 40% bigger when smiling. In repose I've also got a "golf ball" or "orange peel effect", with what looks... READ MORE

Will implants affect my smile positively? (Photos)

29/f. My smile doesnt show enough upper incisors (about 40%) and my upper lip is about 21-22mm. I do not want a lip lift, and have mild hypoplasia. I believe my maxilla is... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for the DNA appliance/epigenetic orthodontics? Can veneers help show more teeth when smiling?

29/f. The oral surgeon said my bite looked ok but im unhappy with the amount of tooth show when smiling (40% when smiling, none in repose with mouth open). I believe i have... READ MORE

Orbital rim implants? (Photos)

29/f. I have genetic eye bags and mild hypoplasia. I've seen results for orbital rim implants and since I'm having a revision septoplasty in two months I considered asking for... READ MORE

What procedures could be done to correct this deformity? Would I benefit for a genioplasty? (photos)

Looks to me like I've got some mild hypoplasia and my maxilla is underdeveloped. My concern though, is that my smile has only about 40% tooth show and i would love for it to be... READ MORE

Is there a dental appliance that can be used to lengthen the maxilla in an adult? (Photos)

If i have a vertical deficiency of my maxilla, are there any dental appliances out there that could lengthen it? My main concern is a lack of tooth show and nasolabial creases.... READ MORE

Who can I go to for assessment of orthognathic issues/DNA appliance?

I have cephalographic xrays, tons of photos, tons of questions, tons of dental records, etc..and I cant seem to get anyone to assess my situation. I really, really wanted to... READ MORE

28/f. Why do I get wrinkly under my eyes when I smile? Would malar implants help to correct this?

Whenever I smile, I get wrinkles under my eyes that seem excessive compared to other people. I'd rather not show a photo for privacy concerns, but I can say that I have some... READ MORE

Braces in high school but realized that I may have an underdeveloped maxilla. What went wrong with development? (Photo)

My bite feels ok but teeth look splayed, only about 45% incisor show when smiling, and looks forced. I also have a flat midface, lack volume in paranasal area, and hollow... READ MORE

Adding procedures during pre op appointment?

I have my preop appointment next week (3 weeks before surgery) for a correction of a deviated septum. Is it too late at that point to ask my doctor about adding another... READ MORE

Adding fat in lieu of implant for genioplasty? (photos)

I have both a wide, as well as long chin with dimpling of the tissues and a lack of convexity. My doctor has suggested adding fat to this area to act as an implant and create a... READ MORE

What would be the best technique to reduce the size of my chin, while also adding projection? (photo)

28/f. In relaxation, my chin looks fine but for the fact that I have dimpling of tissue, fat, and/or muscle of some kind. But when smiling, it looks both vertically and... READ MORE

Why do I have dimpling on my chin, and how can I smooth it out? (Photos)

28/f. Not sure if it's the "orange peel effect" or not, but at rest I have dimpling on my chin that seems like excess tissue/muscle/or fat. When I smile, it goes away but then... READ MORE

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