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One month ago I had Facelift with Fat Transfer. Will this banding eventually go away or will I need a revision?

My PS says the ropey band and the hard and lumpy area under my chin will all resolve and be patient. During my 30 day checkup I reported that my lower cheeks and under my chin... READ MORE

7 weeks post op, facelift with fat transfer. Antibiotics for poss cellulitis for 3 weeks. No heat or temp. Normal? (Photo)

Going for 7 week ck. soon; wanted opinions on healing. 65 yrs. old (following PS directions) I have lumps, tenderness/swelling under chin. My neck is not that "chiseled" look... READ MORE

SMAS facelift 10 months ago. Not happy with results. What should I ask my cooperative surgeon to do? (Photo)

Had fat transfer but hollows under eyes returned> Most wrinkles that disappeared during my recovery now show again especially around my mouth. My skin is lax along jawline. The... READ MORE

Is removing fibrosis neck band (after SMAS) as a revision a common revision?

My PS wants to remove the knitted muscle under my chin that has healed fairly wide and tight and stands out as I lift my head up, in the office! There is some loose skin along... READ MORE

Numbness, minor swelling, & tightness on both sides of face/chin 1 year after SMAS face/neck lift with liposuction. What to do?

Visits with surgeon have not helped. I have total touch sensation-no damage. Area of tightness seems to be under the skin. I am very active and wondered if I was pushing the... READ MORE

Sixteen months after SMAS facelift. Why would I have tightness, tenderness and discomfort behind my ears and under my chin?

For the past month, I have had a return to tightness and discomfort behind my ears. The chin incision seems to be adhered to underlying tissue and pulls when I tilt my head... READ MORE

Two years after SMAS, neck tightness, tenderness and some numbing around ears. Can it ever go away?

Recently, I had pain in my right jaw (the most problematic) and ended up with a root canal appointment. Is there any correlation between the tightness and potential nerve issue... READ MORE

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My doc actually told me that 25ccs (a really small amount, usually 45cc) was taken from my inter thighs - I wanted it from the fat under my shoulder blades that you can't ever lose :/ said the they couldn't turn me on my stomach. No... READ COMMENT

Glad you are seeing improvements as you heal. There are not too many of us about 65 on this website and comparing healing to younger members is a little different. My experience tells me I should have had the facelift about 7-10 years... READ COMMENT

Good for you that all is going so well. Beautiful photos! You are a source of inspiration for many of us following your recovery. Very brave and very committed to life changing improvements. All the best for continued great health... READ COMMENT

Wonderful results!! Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us! Best regards. READ COMMENT

Excellent results!! Enjoy the new you. READ COMMENT