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Neck Lipo Vs. Chin Implant

I have somewhat of a double chin and a short neckline. I'm afraid if I get a chin implant, my neck will look even shorter. What is the best procedure for me, neck lipo or chin... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Revision Suggestions

Does it look like I have ptosis on my left eye? Is there a procedure that will make my eyes look more narrow/almond shaped. My surgeon placed my crease to high for my liking,... READ MORE

Possible to Reverse Asian Eyelid Surgery?

If the eyelid creases are too high, can it be lowered? The doctor may have taken a lot of skin and fat tissue. Can it be repaired with fat grafting? READ MORE

Chin Implant with Buccal Lipo

I'm interested in getting a chin implant and buccal lipo. Are these the right procedures for me? READ MORE

Akward Nipple/aerola Position After Breast Lift

When I look at breast lift after photos, why are the nipples pointing to the side instead of the center? READ MORE

Will Asian Eyelid Surgery Help with Ptosis?

I was told that I have ptosis on the right eyelid. Do you think asian eyelid surgery would improve my appearance? If I get the surgery will it make me look like a different... READ MORE

Surgery to Achieve Asian Looking Eyes

I'm looking for a surgeon that can make my eyes look more Asian looking, like the girl in this picture? Is there a procedure that can do this? I've included a picture... READ MORE

Do I Need a Nose Job?

Primary nose job (suggestions). Do I need a nose job? READ MORE

Jaw Line Reduction?

I think the lower portion of my face is too wide. Is there a procedure that can narrow the jawline area. I would prefer to have a more oval shaped face. READ MORE

Can a Nostril Flare/alar Be Narrowed? Is That Part Considered Cartliage or Skin?

Can a nostril flare be narrowed? Does that consist of cartilage or skin? READ MORE

Media & Plastic Surgeons

Do you think plastic surgeons who go on talk shows or reality shows do it to gain fame and advertise their work? Are these doctors more talented in their profession? READ MORE

What is the Best Time for Surgery?

What time are surgeries usually performed, in the morning or afternoon? READ MORE

Jewelry and Eyelid Surgery?

Is it ok to wear a key necklace while undergoing eyelid surgery? What is the wardrobe requirements during eyelid surgery? READ MORE

Asian Upper Bleph - What Does It Entail?

Can the surgeon lower the eyelid fold without cutting out more skin? READ MORE

PRP Skin Lightening - Does This Procedure Work?

In Korea, there is a procedure to help skin color lighter which is PRP (Platelet Rhich Plasma) theraphy. It is extracted from fat then injected on the face after centrifuge. Is... READ MORE

Creases and Scar Line After Asian Bleph / Ptosis Repair

I am 8 days post op from a ptosis repair (left eye) and Asian belph surgery. A static crease was performed as well. Do you think the creases are still swollen, and will the... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeons' Websites - No Photos?

Why is that some plastic surgeons have few before/after pictures on their website? Does this mean that the doctor is not credible or popular enough? READ MORE

Jawline Reduction w/o Altering Jaw Muscle

Is it possible to file down the jaw bone and leave the jaw muscle alone? READ MORE

Narrowing Nasal Bridge & Tip

Is it possible to narrow/thin the bridge of the nose without using any grafts or breaking any bones? Also, what procedure is commonly used to narrow a broad tip? READ MORE

Will Nose Picking Make My Nostrils Bigger?

Does the nostrils get bigger with constant nose picking? READ MORE

Creases Getting Smaller 1 Month Post-op

I had an incisional Asian eyelid surgery about a month ago. The creases look great, but I'm afraid that the lid platform will get smaller. The creases are already near my... READ MORE

Preparation for Tummy Liposuction

During the surgery process is the pt covered with a gown to cover their arms, chest, and lower extremities? I would feel self conscious if I wasn't partially covered. READ MORE

Jawline to Look More Feminine

Is there a way to make my jawline curve slightly upward? I'd like my jawline to look more feminine looking. READ MORE