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Laser Lipo, Not What I Expected As Far As Pain but Results Still to Come

Not a full review, too early to rate....Today is day 5 after I has laser lipo on my lower and upper stomach as well as my love handles around to the back. Let me start off with saying I am 5'4 120 lbs and have a nice shape. I just wanted alittle help with some stubborn pudge. I didnt get drosey or super relaxed from the meds the day of but I was comfortable. The shots did sting alittle but... READ MORE

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Is It Normal for Fat Grafting or Transfer to Be Puffy and Hard?

During lipo on my stomach, the Dr. made a small dimple or dip and dedcided to fix it by injecting some fat back into that area. He stated he needed to over stuff a little since... READ MORE

Is Hypopigmentation After Liposuction Permanent?

I had lipo done and the incisions themselves are healing nicely but the sking around the scar or incision site is white. My doctor says it will eventually fade but everything I... READ MORE

Numbness After Lipo?

I had lipo 4 months ago and the spot under my belly button is still numb. Most of the other numbness is gone but this particular spot did not gain any feeling back. I can take... READ MORE

Can Anything Reverse Hypopigmentation?

I had a laser treatment on two small scars to help blend the white hypopigmentation around the incsision site. I think it was fraxel....Once the treatment was done there were... READ MORE

Any Advise on Correcting my Stomach After Lipo?

I had smart lipo on my stomach in May 2010. There were a few high spots so he did a touch up in Aug 2010. The high spots were still there so he went in one more time Dec 2010... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I Have Scar Tissue?

I has laser lipo on my stomach back in may 2010. My stomach now looks like cottage cheese. I have started a zerona treatment to see if if will help even things out. The new Dr.... READ MORE

Can a Broken File from a Root Canal Cause Sinus Problems?

I had a root canal done on tooth #3 about 3 months ago. The tip to the file broke off in the canal after it was all cleaned out. Instead of it breaking off straight in the... READ MORE

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Sometimes the garmet is too much on the body. My surgeon recommends wearing it during the day and taking a break at night or vise versa, try it and see..... READ COMMENT

I just had my touch up done 1 week ago on my stomach. The original smart lipo was 3 months ago but there were a few spots above and below my belly button that ere missed just enough to make it look waivey or rippled. the touch up was... READ COMMENT

Sure, send me an email address. i can send you before, 1 week, 2 week and 3 week. i didnt take 4 week yet but i think i am going to start every 2 weeks. so far so good. still lumpy in the stomach but it more than likely is swelling... READ COMMENT

When he was all done, and I looked down, my stomach was completely flat. I didnt see anyting till 6 days later when I went for my follow up. I was soo nervous to look, worried about lumps and scars. He took the garmet off and I stood... READ COMMENT

Hmmm, I see it when I look, try again, if it doesnt work, I will post my email here for you..... READ COMMENT