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Artefill Removal from Nose?

I'm looking for credible options for removing 1.5cc Artefill from my nose? Would an open (external) approach be needed or can all the filler be taken out safely? I really wish... READ MORE

Is IPL the Best Laser for Sun Damage?

Would IPL treatment be the most effective treatment to reverse years of (indoor tanning) sun damage on my face? READ MORE

Microlaser Peel After IPL Treatments?

Is it ok to to get IPL done on me FIRST and then get Microlaser peel (40 micron) few weeks later? READ MORE

Active FX or Total FX for Sun Damaged Skin?

I am 26 Male with very slight amount of wrinkles but quite a lot of sun damage (freckles, sun spots, uneven skin color) and very sun damaged under eyes. What would be a better... READ MORE

How Soon After Rhinoplasty Can I Get Radiesse Injections on my Nose?

I underwent augmentation rhinoplasty with rib cartilage 3 weeks ago. How soon after can I get radiesse or restalyn filler injected into my nose for more augmentation? READ MORE

Can Smoking After Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty Make the Grafts Disappear or Shrink?

Please dear doctors I am losing sleep over this and really need professional answers to this question: 1 month ago I had revision rhinoplasty and the doctor used irridated rib... READ MORE

Is Autogenous Adult Stem Cell Fat Graft for the Nose Available Yet?

Dear doctors, my question is about the autogenous adult stem cell mixed fat graft procedure. Does this kind of treatment work for nasal augmentation in the nose? READ MORE

What Do the Doctors Think of Emu Oil?

It is said to penetrate 7 layers of skin. What do the doctors here think of Emu Oil? READ MORE