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Something About my New Veneers...

I had four veneers put on 20 years ago but my teeth and gums had changed so it was time to replace them. This time I had 8 replaced so that my entire smile was veneered. I wanted a whiter and toothier smile as my teeth just never showed up much in photos. I had my teeth whitened as seen in before photo. Second photo is in temps. My dentist and I too felt the two front teeth were a tad long.... READ MORE

Obagi Blue Peel Gave Very Good Results - Las colinas, TX

I had my face, neck, d├ęcolletage and hands peeled roughly 14 yrs ago. My skin had sun damage as large pores. The procedure does burn but a fan helps and my technician was very experienced. Back then it was not recommended to use the obagi products in advance as it is now. I did buy a sunscreen by Obagi however to use after. I can honestly say I peeled like a snake and had about ten days... READ MORE

Clear Lift Pixel by Alma -Frisco, TX

I was talked into a free treatment yesterday with a spas new alma laser. It is called Clear Lift. A new and less ablative laser than their 360 laser. It did not hurt at all! She did half of my face first so I could see the results and wow, did I ever! I sound like an advertisement but I am amazed at how much one treatment smoothed out my laugh lines and jowls! I am 53 and jowling is my biggest... READ MORE

Deep Laser Peel with Fractional Resurfacing. Better Be Worth It. - Dallas, TX

I had a 50 milli-something laser peel all over my face combined with fractional resurfacing also around my eyes and mouth with the Sciton laser. Also, BBL or photolight done on my neck, chest and hands. I am 50 years old and have typical crows feet and marionette lines and sun damaged skin. BBL was not bad at all...I was numbed on my face with injections so only felt those and not the laser... READ MORE

Laser Liposuction Had Amazing Results - Dallas

Had a great experience with my doctor. Yes I would recommend him. The laser lipo was pretty much pain-free with the exception of a couple of times over my ribcage; however, was not unbearable. I was given an Adavan(sp?) and was pretty loopy during the procedure but, fully awake and talking. Afterwards, I had quite a bit of drainage for about 4 days and then some bruising and soreness for about... READ MORE

Questions from Barlnk

Will a CO2 Resurfacing with a Sciton Laser Diminish Marionette Lines and Jowls?

Some information I am finding contradicts other I find so I am not sure if this procedure will realistically give me the results I seek. I am 50 and have a prejowl sulcus and... READ MORE

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Dr. mcBride is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and is board certified with Twenty plus yrs of experience. You reduce him to a dentist which is really Not exactly accurate. I went to his website and he specializes in the neck and... READ COMMENT

Too bad they removed your video. I just had radiesse three days ago and look like a chipmunk esp. On one side. Hoping swelling is all it is. I went to an experienced plastic surgeon also. Imo, the one photo that still remains on... READ COMMENT

I just had radiesse by this DR and on day three post injection. Used two 1.5 ccs. Mostly cheeks and marionette lines for jowling. My jaw line still has indentations....less so but not as good a result as you got. I hope I am still... READ COMMENT

I have melasma on my neck that has been helped by doing light chemical peels. A manor peel would probably work but I prefer to do multiple light ones to decrease risk and downtime. Good luck with this yag treatment. It sounds like it... READ COMMENT

Radiesse has lasted about two years on me. It was given by a plastic surgeon in my cheeks and some in jowls. As a volume addition. No lumps or bumps. Very natural results...just very expensive. The only permanent fix that I know of... READ COMMENT