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I Had a SMAS Facelift 2 Weeks and 3 Days Ago. Swelling/Numbness Normal?

Swelling/numbness has accumulated mostly alongside stitches & jawline & although the swelling is even on both sides the swelling feels dense, thick and kind of hard-ish... READ MORE

Depressions Under Cheeks 10 Months Post Facelift? (photo)

10 months post facelift. Still have depressions under my cheekbones (both sides, not even, so it looks even more noticeable). My surgeon's comment: "I hope it goes down". No... READ MORE

10 Months Post Facelift. Still Have Depressions on Lower Face. Similiar to SMAS Facelift That Was Performed? (photo)

Depressions still under cheekbones (both sides not even). Surgeon unhelpful. No suggestions 2 massage or to do anything (will that help?). It improved little each month but... READ MORE

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It's not unusual for a full recovery to take a year (that's been my case), but I would never tell someone NOT to do this. Recovery is not difficult but it is also not like not having surgery at all. Feeling numb (like when you said you... READ COMMENT

Hey Jaqualine, Why the weird response? Are you being sarcastic and if so, why?? Do you have mental problems and if you do, why would you pick here to express them? READ COMMENT

I am sorry to hear that..:( That's exactly what happened to my mom 2 1/2 years ago. Too conservative! It frustrated even ME. I didn't want that to happen to me when I got my surgery. Maybe consider a revision?? I am post op 5 weeks and... READ COMMENT

Pretrichial Brow/Forehead seem to be the best option for brow lift. That's what I had and although I have temp. paralysis/nerve damage that I will have to wait 2-6 months for regrowth of nerves and up to 1 year for absolute final... READ COMMENT

Hi Faith, Yes, I too am sorry this has been such a hassle for you. I am 5 weeks post op from an eyebrow lift and am experiencing 1 slightly droopy eye while in the recovery stages. I also have complete paralysis on left side of... READ COMMENT