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I've Had CO2 Laser Without Swelling, but Had Fraxel with Lots of Swelling - Walnut Creek, CA

I'm curious why this would happen. I had the CO2 about 14 years ago, I remember lots of flaking, oozing, scabbing, etc. with redness. Had my first treatment with Fraxel, and I swelled up like a balloon. Almost couldn't see out of one eye. Looked ridiciulous. Why would Fraxel, covering... READ MORE

Questions from 5321anon

Any Hope for a Ropy Looking Neck?

There's probably a better term for this, but I hate having those those vertical muscles (maybe tendons or ligaments) in my neck, but a deep canyon between them. I've never read... READ MORE

What to Do for Ptosis of the Eyelid?

I had upper/ lower blepharoplasty about 6 years ago. Ptosis was present, but the doctor did not mention the ptosis as a problem separate from the other eye work. I thought my... READ MORE

Are Eye Drops on Regular Basis a Viable Solution for Eye Lid Ptosis?

The ptosis isn't advanced enough to become an insurance issue. I would pay for it myself but the surgeon feels it's too small of a refinement to justify surgery now.... READ MORE

If One Wants to Have a Brow Lift, How Long Does One Have to Stay off Botox?

I've been getting forehead Botox. Also, the nurse has been elevating one of the eyebrows with Botox, which droops more than the other. I would imagine the doctor needs to... READ MORE

Which Procedure Should Be Done First?

I'm thinking of a brow lift to correct a slightly drooping brow and to eliminate the resulting asymmetry. The overall lift to the entire forehead is desirable also. I also... READ MORE

At What Point Does Insurance Generally Pay for Eyelid Ptosis Repair?

My lid just keeps on drooping. Already did standard upper and lower bleph surgery (w/ Kaiser), which helped for a couple of years. There is a clear 1/8" difference between... READ MORE

How Does the Recovery for Eyelid Ptosis Compare to That of Blepharoplasty?

I've had upper and lower blepharoplasty, so I'm somewhat familiar with that recovery period. How does repair of ptosis for one eye only, compare with full... READ MORE

Artefill Under Eye Filler Reaction?

I've had Restylane and Artefill under the eyes. Restylane over a period of years; Artefill the 1st time two months ago after skin test w/ no reaction whatsoever. Within... READ MORE

Coumadin and V-beam Laser Treatments?

My friend and I both have Rosacea. I have had great results with V Beam laser. Although she is doing very well on Metrogel, she is wondering whether she could do V Beam also.... READ MORE

Fifty Three Years Old, and I've Looked Pretty Good Until Now. All of a Sudden Gravity is Affecting EVERYTHING! How to Plan?

I can't fix everything. Is it better to fix one particular thing over another just to lock it into place? I've already done my eyes, about six years ago, so they are pretty... READ MORE

Can lip implants and cheek implants result in the inability to smile?

I have seen older photographs of a famous person in which she smiled freely and had a radiant smile. The woman's face is completely different now, and doctors have speculated... READ MORE

How soon after a Fraxel Re-Store treatment can I have Belotero / Juvederm / equal to the cheek and eye area?

I have been treated twice with this Fraxel with good results. Also, have had fillers many times with good results. My first Fraxel Re-Store caused a lot of swelling, but the... READ MORE

Why are steroids, both topical and systemic, contraindicated for Fraxel aftercare?

I read my after care sheet for my Fraxel (Restore) treatment. Both topical and systemic steroids are to be avoided during the aftercare period. Why is this? Swelling seems to... READ MORE

Why does the reaction to Fraxel vary so much from first treatment, compared to subsequent treatments?

On my first Fraxel (Restore) my face swelled into the shape of a rectangle. I also oozed and sloughed off an amazing assortment of substances. I had amazing results. On my... READ MORE

Is Carbamide peroxide a viable option for bruising?

I noticed hydrogen peroxide on minor wounds blanches the area. I read about one example of Carbamide peroxide as a dressing under occlusion. T Yesterday I received both Voluma,... READ MORE

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I think you look nice! Your eyes really stand out now, and I don't even think you have on makeup. Just looks like a smaller version of your original nose. READ COMMENT

I don't think you look unattractive at all. I think you should just wait for it to dissolve. It is a temporary product, and as such it would be best to avoid any other issues. Don't risk possible negative reactions for a temporary... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. It would be very helpful if you could find out which level of Fraxel you experienced. There are several different kinds. It would be helpful to other prospective patients. READ COMMENT

I think you look great. You started with a beautiful, toned body and smaller than average breasts and now... Wow! Appropriate choice of size and they are nice! I was really impressed with your muscle tone and have to ask about your... READ COMMENT