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Happy with your legs after TT?

Might be a strange question, but - not only was my abdomen destroyed by two pregnancies, but my thighs were pretty well shot to heck too. I have stretch marks across the front... READ MORE

TT doctors around Indianapolis?

I've been looking for a doctor, and I've seen the website for Dr. David Slatton, and honestly? His work looks amazing, from what I can see. (I do wish I could see more... READ MORE

Lipo on back and flanks before TT?

Still considering surgery, and assessing all the things I want done. (Boy, when you first realize that a TT is even an option, versus the previous attitude of 'why would I... READ MORE

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Wow, love this post! Thank you for the pics - it helps confirm my idea that Dr. Slatton's work is *amazing*. Look at how straight and thin that scar is! A question for you, Ishtar - are you a smoker, or not? Just curious. Also,... READ COMMENT

I actually haven't, I'm not quite close enough to being ready to have a procedure done to get any consults yet. But I'd be very interested in whatever anyone else would like to share! I still think his work is the best I've seen, from... READ COMMENT

"but the doc said that they will be easier to lose the weight on" "if you gain a few pounds the fat is forced to go other places, like arms and legs" This is what I was wondering! Because let's say pre-TT, you cut/burn the calories... READ COMMENT

Yeah, losing the weight is so frustrating! I lost about 15 pounds on WW, it's great - but I got down to 19 points a day, and it became SO hard to feel satisfied...and I hate counting - points, calories, anything. I lost my last ten... READ COMMENT

Thanks, Kimmers! It does help. One of the surgeons I'm looking at appears to do very nice work in the inner thigh area - of course, it all depends on the elasticity of the skin and amount of fat to be removed to start with. It's... READ COMMENT