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Ankles and Feet Swollen After Vaser Liposuction

I had a Vaser Liposuction (13 days ago) for the love handles, inner thighs, banana rolls and knees. Only aprx 700cc of fat was removed in total, yet the swelling was insane! i... READ MORE

Breast augmentation...swelling or wrong implant size? (photo)

I had a BA (dual plane) 7days ago. Altho i understand that 1 week post op is way too early to judge the final result of BA and that it takes from 3 months to a year for final... READ MORE

FACIAL SWELLING/EDEMA: ethylprednisolone or betamethasone?

About to have cheek microlipo, with fat transfer to the temples, upper eyelids blepharoplasty, and tip refinement/alar flaring reduction. Im concerned about the swelling but my... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix a lower lip as not to show lower teeth when resting? (Photo)

When i am resting AND/OR smiling, its my lower teeth that show. it gives me a much older smile altho i am only 26. i tried to camouflage the lips by using fillers, which made... READ MORE

11 months post op kenalog injections or de-fatting tip? Surgeon wanted to defat the tip but I said no, now I regret (Photos)

I would highly appreciate ur advice on my nose tip fullness. i have thick skin & had a rhinoplasty to reduce tip and alar flaring. the initial result was very satisfying (3... READ MORE