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Questions from Mina88

Can my Nose Be Made Smaller Without Looking Fake?

I'm a 22 year old female of middle eastern descent. My nose is very big and masculine. My nostrils are big, my nose is long and overprojected, and the tip is wide. The size... READ MORE

Will a Lip Lift Cause Obvious Scarring on Dark Skin?

I'm getting a rhinoplasty and I'm thinking about getting a lip lift at the same time. I have a very long upper lip (the distance between my nose and lips is 1.5 cm). The... READ MORE

Will a Le Fort I Osteotomy Improve a Long Face?

I have a long face (especially midface and lower face) and I want to make it shorter. I've looked at before/afters of Le fort I osteotomies combined with mandible and chin... READ MORE

Can I Have Mandibular Setback Surgery Even if I Don't Have Mandibular Prognathism?

Sorry if that is a silly question! I'm seeing a maxillofacial surgeon soon but i wanted a general opinion. I have a long jaw & chin. I want mandibular setback surgery... READ MORE

Will a Chin Reduction Improve my Looks? (photo)

I feel that my face bone structure is too masculine. My chin in particular is wide and squarish from the front. The profile view is okay. I would like a pointer and more... READ MORE

Does bridge narrowing affect the distance between the eyes?

My bridge is wider than ideal, but at the same time, my eyes are quite close-set. If my bridge is narrowed during rhinoplasty, will my eyes appear to be even closer together?... READ MORE

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20,000 K??? Wow thats a lot. Can I ask who this doctor was? Did you ask for a refund? I think your nose looked nice before... It doesn't matter on guys.... even little imperfections just adds character and masculinity. Don't get any... READ COMMENT